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There are two types of associations in the world: staff-driven and volunteer-driven. The SMTA is volunteer-driven, meaning that from our chapters and educational programs to strategic planning and budget allocation, the SMTA relies on volunteers for the dynamic leadership which is so important to our members.

Perhaps you have served as a chapter officer and would like the greater leadership challenges we offer. Perhaps you possess valuable skills and have ideas that would benefit SMTA members. Or maybe you've simply benefited enough from your involvement in the SMTA to give something back. We need committed individuals like you to continue our mission of helping members succeed.

The only requirement is that you be an SMTA member who has demonstrated commitment to the association. That's all it takes, and there are many of you out there. The numerous benefits of serving on the board include exposure to personal and professional contacts and the chance to exchange ideas with fellow leaders. You can help others while learning a few things yourself.

The SMTA is unique in our industry because of our volunteers. You need the SMTA for your professional success, and the SMTA needs you!

If you are interested in serving or know of potential board members, read through the service criteria and conduct standards below and submit your application form on-line.

  • SMTA Standards of Business Conduct
  • Criteria for SMTA Board Service:(click each category for more information)

    • Decisions may require subordinating special interests for the greater good of the association. Conflicts of interest should be identified and discussed as a part of any decision making process.

    • Serving as an association leader requires a demonstrated commitment to the organization and its mission and goals. Preparing for discussion in advance of the meetings is necessary.

    • An enthusiasm for the mission of the SMTA and the willingness to help in developing new leaders is necessary. Representing the organization to others in a positive and professional manner is an attribute that can only help SMTA continue to meets its obligations to members.

    • Decisions made at Board meetings are based on facts, discussion, research and consensus. Confidentiality might be required at certain times.

    • The ability to help look forward and to develop the plans to enable SMTA ensure success in the future. Although the SMTA Board is charged with policy development and the governance of the organization, there will be times when your special expertise can contribute to a specific issue or program, and you will be asked to provide your leadership skills to the concept or program at hand.

    • The Board meets 2-3 times each year. Attendance is required, as well as company funding for meeting attendance. Continued participation and involvement in SMTA events is also required.

    • The ability to work as a part of a team requires good interpersonal and communication skills. The Board works not as individuals, but as team members.



    Contact SMTA Executive Director, Tanya Martin, CMP, with any questions.