Membership Registration

Which Membership Is Right For You?

Individual Membership
(USD$95 annually)
The standard membership providing you access to exclusive member benefits.


Participating Membership
(USD$50 annually)
You are eligible for a participating membership if your current employer holds a global, corporate or professional membership. This membership is available to all employees with a global membership. This membership is site-specific to the corporate or professional membership holder’s company address. Persons holding participating memberships qualify for the full range of SMTA benefits.


Developing Nation Membership
(USD$25 annually)
This category is available to persons located outside the US and Canada located in a Developing Nation.  Qualifying Nations are listed at this page.  Colleagues holding Developing Nation Memberships qualify for the full range of benefits. The membership will be managed electronically.


Associate Membership (Student/Retired)
(USD$20 annually)
Associate Memberships are for persons who are either:
1) Students: currently enrolled in a full-time post-secondary education or training program
2) Retired:  fully retired and no longer in the industry. These members receive the full range of benefits.