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CT Scanning: 3 Case Studies

Speaker: Rob Boguski, Datest

Digital Computed Tomography, or CT Scanning, has advanced in both equipment as well as techniques in recent years, such that it has now become the method of choice in many applications where workmanship, fabrication, process, and component-related defects are difficult, and often otherwise virtually impossible to find. Nevertheless misconceptions linger concerning the suitability of CT scanning as a nondestructive test and failure analysis methodology. This presentation will address some of those misconceptions by featuring 3 specific and recent applications of CT scanning, illustrating its wide potential for use as a diagnostic tool. Examples will be shown from the medical/biotech, military/aerospace, and electronics sectors. In each case we will state the specific problem to be addressed; highlight some significant, if not decisive images; and show conclusions drawn from compilation and analysis of the images, with any applicable lessons learned along the way.



The Future of the Digital Thread - Industry 4.0

Speaker: Dr. Don Kinard, Lockheed Martin Senior Fellow

For the past 20 years the Digital Thread has enhanced development of manufacturing technologies including robotics, automation, graphical work instructions, AR, optical/laser projection, and more recently, the introduction of laser and structured light scanning. This digital thread has also brought industry to the foothills of the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, the revolution of data. The introduction of integrated IT architectures, the application of analytics and AI, as well as the focus on data strategy and data automation will dramatically change the landscape of corporations as they look for these new technologies to provide improved unprecedented insight into performance and the ability to predict and mitigate disruptions. As with previous revolutions some companies will fail to embrace the technology and flounder, and others will ride the data wave to secure their future. 



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See the Heat - Troubleshooting PCB & Electronic Product Design  with Thermal Imaging

Speaker: Desmond Lamont, FLIR Systems Inc.

As electronic circuit boards and components get smaller and more powerful, inherent heat can cause failures and significant damage. Desmond Lamont compares traditional temperature measurement devices with infrared imaging. He uses real-world infrared images and examples to detail how infrared thermography can more easily identify hot spots, allowing for improved thermal management and greater advances in circuit board design.



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Tolerance Mistaken: Impacts of not properly addressing limitations of material,  industry standards and assembly process limitations

Speaker: Dale Lee, Plexus Corporation

Electronic assemblies today are smaller, lighter with increased functionality per unit area and/or volume. The rate of new technology adoption is increasing through develop ever smaller packages with finer lead spacing and substrates with finer lines and spaces. However, design methods, industry standards, materials and manufacturing processes utilized during the product development and production process have not progressed to meet these new demands and thus many of the tolerance margins that were considered insignificant and acceptable in the past are now critical to high yield, reliable products. This presentation will highlight issues with today’s electronic designs and impacts when material limitations, industry standards and assembly tolerances are not adequately address during design, PCB fabrication, assembly and test.



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LIVE ! Jeopardy (A Fun Game with a Technical Format)

Moderator: Dr. Mark Currie - Director of Solder (Henkel)

Judge: Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering Services

Judge: Dr. Neil Poole - Chemistry Fellow (Henkel)

Contestants: 4 of the leading DFW Process Engineers

The electronics industry is faced with challenges that often require immediate, yet long term reliable solutions. From a handheld device to a defibrillator, an automobile, or even a space station, each form factor in each of its respective markets expects robust manufacturing processes that create reliable products and sustainable solutions that match the customers’ expectations.

Implementing new, or off the shelf solutions can raise flags. Why? Lack of experience with any given technology naturally generates risk aversion, and in many cases, rightly so. To effectively adopt new solutions for high reliability applications, the strategy should be:

1. Understand external forces,

2. Overcome the lack of experience (that in essence have made us forget how to transition and improve and implement new technology), and

3. Implement solutions once we understand the application, while avoiding mistakes or oversights at all costs.

Triple jeopardy will seek the questions to answers on topics such as: Regulations; Whiskers; Failure Modes; Process Metrics; Compatibility; Sustainability; Inspection, Reliability; Qualifying new materials, Do’s and Don’ts, and many others,  in an interactive session, where the audience understands the symptoms, and the doctors will advise on root cause solutions.


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