SMT Processes Certification Courses

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Two years of college (or equivalent).
  • 2-3 years of experience in all aspects of SMT, including process optimization.
  • Knowledge of all process and systems steps, including calculations from screen printing and dispensing through test and inspection.

  • Curriculum

    All applicants must pass a combined open and closed book exam focusing on the following curriculum:
  • SMT Materials Component Placement
  • SMT Components Reflow Soldering
  • Stencil Printing Wave Soldering
  • Dispensing Test and Inspection
  • Line Balancing (Downtime, line design)

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    About the Examination Process

    The exams for either program are taken at the conclusion of the 1.5-day workshop. The SMTA will issue and mail the certificate within three weeks of the program to applicants who have passed the exam. View a sample question here.

    Study Guide

    A study guide can be purchased through the SMTA Bookstore. If you need a letter of support for company approval, contact or +1-952-920-7682.

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