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ASC International – New Solder Paste Inspection Systems


Maple Plain, Minnesota, USA – ASC International announces the launch of the VisionMaster M450 & AP450 series solder paste inspection systems. Continuing with the long-standing history of success from the VisionMaster series of products, the newly released M450 and AP450 provide many new enhancements. A larger color field of view, data acquisition rates at less than 1 second and an improved user interface are only a few of the many improvements.

The M450 Series features: fully automated solder paste height/volume measurements, color image for easy operator viewing, color 3D profiles of measured features, accurate and repeatable measurements regardless of substrate color and reflectivity, Windows XP/Vista® user interface and a one year end-user warranty with technical support.

The AP450 Series features: fully automated height/volume solder paste measurements, up to 18” x 22” PCB positioning, color 3D profiles of measured features, Windows XP/Vista® user interface, off-line programming, bridge detection and a one year end-user warranty with technical support.

Both units offer the highest level of measurement accuracy and repeatability in the industry.

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