Project/Process Engineer

Westborough, MA 04/06/2017
Participate as an active member of the Customer Focus Team. Responsible for developing a robust process based on customer requirements. Work with other engineering specialties, such as test, Valor, DFM, part substitutions and end-of-life, to coordinate additional requirements.

Responsibilities include: evaluate and solve problems as they occur; recommend and implement process improvements; oversee/monitor operations to assure quality; review proposals regarding acquisition of process equipment; validate customer documentation and proper load into ERP; develop and implement production processes-generate MPI documentation; generate and validate product MPI; utilize systemic approach for yield improvement, improves manufacturing and test processes; ensure Labor/Takt time standards are appropriate; provide quotations for ECO implementation, paid rework, design revisions; interpret DFM/DFA results to the customer and interacting on opportunities and improvements, etc.

Experience/Education: BSME, BSIE, BSEE. MSME, MSChE, MSEE, MSIE or equivalent work experience, hands-on experience in electronics assembly industry.