Technical Program 

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Tuesday, August 04
Session 1: Opening Session
Moderator: Diganta Das
8:15am Opening Talk Diganta Das, Ph.D. and Jaclyn Sarandrea
8:30am An Analytical Look at Counterfeit Risk Vernon Densler, SiliconExpert
9:00am COVID-19: Urgent Medical Supply Demand Creates Fertile Ground for Counterfeits Rosemary Coates, Blue Silk Consulting
9:30am Break – Visit with Exhibitors / Socialization with Participants  
  Session 2: Supply Chain and Legal Moderator: Cameron Shearon
10:30am Legal Considerations Relating to Counterfeit Electronic Parts in the Defense Supply Chain Patricia Campbell, University of Maryland Carey School of Law
11:00am Evolution of Contractual Counterfeit Mitigation Since 2015 Kevin Sink, TTI, Inc.
11:30am Hardware Implants and the Trouble with 5G Sophia D'Antoine, Margin Research
12:00pm Break – Visit with Exhibitors / Socialization with Participants  
  Session 3: Inspection Moderator: John Radman
3:00pm Counterfeit Cells and Batteries and Methods to Identify Them Judith Jeevarajan, Ph.D., Underwriters Laboratories
3:30pm Testing Method to Identify Counterfeit Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Stephen Saddow, Ph.D., University of South Florida/Global ETS
4:00pm Adoption of Component Level Counterfeit Detection Techniques for Assemblies Diganta Das, PhD, CALCE / University of Maryland


Wednesday, August 05
  Session 4: Research on Detection Moderator: Kevin Sink
8:15am Assurance: A Data Driven Approach Richard Ott, Ph.D., USAF AFMC AFRL/RYDT
9:00am Microelectronic Authenticity and Security, Evaluation, and Research Michael Azarian, Ph.D., CALCE/University of Maryland
9:45am Break – Visit with Exhibitors / Socialization with Participants  
  Session 5: Traceability Moderator: Michael Ford
10:30am Practical Demonstration of Counterfeit Elimination Using IPC-1782A Internal & External Traceability Michael Ford, Aegis Industrial Software
11:00am IPC-1782A – A Standard Approach Enabling A Secure Supply Chain Cameron Shearon, Raytheon Technologies
11:30am Trusted Material Traceability in a Secure Supply Chain using IPC-1782A Craig Lax, Septillion Technologies Ltd & Radu Diaconescu, Swissmic SA
12:00pm Break – Visit with Exhibitors / Socialization with Participants  
Session 6: Technology Solutions
Moderator: Diganta Das
3:00pm Securing the Blockchain with Feature Prints David Ross, Alitheon
3:30pm The Efficiency and Effectiveness of Counterfeit Detection Procedures Eyal Weiss, Ph.D., Cybord
4:00pm Novel Approach to Anti-Counterfeiting with Protective Packaging Keith Donaldson, Engineered Materials, Inc.
4:30pm Closing Remarks and Summary Diganta Das, Ph.D., CALCE / University of Maryland
Thursday, August 06 - Professional Development Courses
8:30am – 12:00 Noon Utilizing IPC-1782 - Component Traceability - To Reduce Risk Associated with Ingress of Counterfeit Components Cameron Shearon, Raytheon Technologies & Michael Ford, Aegis Software