Professional Development Course

Thursday, August 6

A Professional Development Course will be held on Thursday, led by industry professionals with extensive experience in their respective subject areas. Instructors deliver focused, in-depth presentations on topics of timely importance, based on their research and industry experience.



PDC: Utilizing IPC-1782 - Component Traceability - To Reduce Risk Associated With Ingress Of Counterfeit Components

Michael FordCameron ShearonCameron Shearon, Raytheon Technologies & Michael Ford, Aegis Software
Half-Day (Morning)


Course Description
Based on the IPC-1782 standard, this course explains how to approach, justify and implement a traceability program, aimed at mitigating effects of counterfeit material ingress internally within an assembly manufacturing operation, as well as providing may other benefits. We go into details of what traceability entails, how data is collected stored and used. We specifically cover best practices for traceability within manufacturing such that the overall impact all is strongly positive for all involved, both from a day to day perspective, as well as medium and long term benefits. We also look at the extension of traceability, linking together traceability data related to components and sub-assemblies, as well as an insight into external traceability related to supply-chain logistics, following new content defined in new IPC-1782 revision A.

Topics Covered:

  • Risk Identification - the need of traceability
  • The benefits of traceability
  • Introduction to IPC-1782
  • Traceability data collection
  • Traceability data storage
  • Operational guidelines for traceability data collection
  • Meeting regulatory and marketplace requirements
  • Traceability as part of the secure supply chain
  • Open discussion

    This course is for supply-chain managers, designers, component engineers, brand protection specialists, and others.