Pan Pacific Symposium 2014 Proceedings

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    Advanced Technologies & Materials for Packaging of Power Electronic Modules Anton Miric, M. Sc.  Purchase 
    2013 iNEMI Technology Roadmap Overview Bill Bader and Chuck Richardson  Purchase 
    Intellectual Assets Management - Possibilities and Difficulties Bill Brox  Purchase 
    Polymer-Based Electronics: Economically Viable Renewable Energy System Bozena Kaminska, Jasbir N. Patel, and Badr Omrane  Purchase 
    Power Conversion Trends That Will Impact System Packaging and Assembly Carl Blake  Purchase 
    Single Enterprise Methodology Charles Barnhart, Sr.  Purchase 
    Virtual Prototyping for Power Electronics Packaging - Current Status and Future Challenges Chris Bailey  Purchase 
    Measurement and Modeling of the Polyimide Dielectric Coating Induced Wafer Warpage Chunsheng Zhu, Wenguo Ning, Gaowei Xu, Le Luo, Chunsheng Zhu, and Wenguo Ning  Purchase 
    Research on a Lifetime Prediction Model for IR-LEDS Under High Pulse Currents Cong Shao, Shunong Zhang, Ph.D., and Zhonghua Liu  Purchase 
    Embedded Product Descriptions in XML Supply Chain Data Transfer Methodology Dieter W. Bergman  Purchase 
    Recent Advances in the X-Ray Inspection Technology with Emphasis on Large Board Computer Tomography and Automation Evstatin Krastev and John Tingay  Purchase 
    Local Mechanical Testing and Parameter Identification for Modeling of Interconnection Materials Falk Naumann, Georg Lorenz, Matthias Petzold  Purchase 
    New Era for Packaging and Coming Challenges for Interposers Gilles Poupon, Y. Lamy and A. Rouzaud  Purchase 
    3D Technology Interconnect Reliability TCAD H. Ceric, R. L. de Orio, A. P. Singulania, and S. Selberherr  Purchase 
    Electrical Design of Silicon, Glass and Organic Interposer Channels Heegon Kim, Hyunsuk Lee, Jonghyun Cho, Youngwoo Lee and Joungho Kim  Purchase 
    Disruptive Innovation Pulls Manufacturing Out of the Box Herbert J. Neuhaus, Ph.D. and Charles, E. Bauer, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Statistics of Crack Initiation and Propagation (SCRIP) Horatio Quinones  Purchase 
    Fault Injectionand Simulation of the Solder Joint Mechanical Creep in Integrated Circuit Hu Weiwei, Ph.D., Meng Xiangkun, Sun Yufeng, Zhao Guangyan  Purchase 
    Compact Thermal Models for Virtual Prototyping of Electronic Assemblies: Past, Present & Future J.H.J. Janssen  Purchase 
    Simultaneous Analysis of Package Warping and Internal Defect Condition Using Acoustic Micro Imaging Janet E. Semmens  Purchase 
    The Internet of Everything Evolution Judy Priest  Purchase 
    Reliability of Flex-To-Flex Interconnections on Inkjetprinted PCBs Using Electrically Conductive Adhesives Juha Niittynen, Santtu, Koskinen, Matti Mäntysalo, Janne Kiilunen, Juha Pippola, and Laura Frisk  Purchase 
    Investigation of Chip-Package Interaction in 3D Integration K. Weide-Zaage, J.Kludt, H. Frémont, A. Tetelin  Purchase 
    Advances in Etch and Deposition Technologies for 2.5 and 3D BEoL Processing Keith Buchanan, Dave Thomas, Hefin Griffiths, Kathrine Crook, Daniel Archard, Mark Carruthers, Steve Burgess, and Stephen Vargo  Purchase 
    Semiconductor Die Attach with High Copper Solder Alloys Keith Sweatman, Takatoshi Nishimura, and Tetsuro Nishimura  Purchase 
    Optimization of Leveler Concentration to Minimize the Contamination of Copper in Via Filling Ki-Tae Kim and Jae-Ho Lee  Purchase 
    Simulation-Driven Packaging of Proof of Concept Thermoelectric Modules Klas Brinkfeldt, Michael Edwards, Dag Andersson, Julia Simon, Sébastien Noël and Krunoslav Romanjek  Purchase 
    Novel Nanofiber Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACFS) For Fine Pitch Assembly Kyung-Wook Paik, Tae-Wan Kim, Sang-Hoon Lee, and Kyoung-Lim Suk  Purchase 
    3D TSV Interposer Interconnection Using NCF Materials Kyung-Wook Paik, Yongwon Choi, and Ji-won Shin  Purchase 
    3D Integration: Status and Requirements M. Juergen Wolf and Klaus-Dieter Lang  Purchase 
    Fraunhofer Cluster 3D Integration M. Juergen Wolf, P.E., Stefan Schulz, Peter Schneider and Ehrenfried Zschech  Purchase 
    Thin Wafer Processing for 3D Integration: Status and Update Markus Wimplinger, Jürgen Burggraf, Harald Wiesbauer, Thomas Uhrmann, Thorsten Matthias, Garrett Oakes, and Masaya Kawano  Purchase 
    Digital Health: Facts, Fiction, and Future! Matthew K. Hudes  Purchase 
    Alignment and Performance for Chip-To-Chip Communication Meihui Guo, Jen-Feng Huang, and Yu-Jung Huang  Purchase 
    Device Embedding Technology in PCBs Route to Success? Michael Weinhold  Purchase 
    Optimal Designs for Response Surface Models with Correlated Responses Mong-Na Lo Huang  Purchase 
    Multi-Die Embedding in Fan-Out WLP NANIUM S.A.  Purchase 
    A New Embedded Structure Package For Next Generation, WFOPTM (Wide Strip Fan-Out Package) Naoki Hayashi, Hirokazu Machida, Nobukaki Shintani, Norihito Masuda, Kiyoaki Hashimoto, Atsushi Furuno, Katsushi Yoshimitsu, Yoshimi Kikuchi, Mitsuru Ooida, Akio Katsumata and Yoichi Hiruta  Purchase 
    Reliability Time-Bombs in Electronics & Photonics Systems Nihal Sinnadurai  Purchase 
    Transient Liquid Phase Sintered Joints for Wide Bandgap Power Electronics Packaging Patrick McCluskey and Hannes Greve  Purchase 
    No-Clean Pb-Free Flux: A Chemical View of Reliability Phil Isaacs, Eddie Kobeda and Jing Zhang  Purchase 
    Microelectronic Interposers: From R&D To Manufacturing Rao Tummala, Brett Sawyer, Chandrasekharan Nair, Vijay Sukumaran, Yuya Suzuki, Hao Lu and Venky Sundaram  Purchase 
    PoP Rework - A Case Study Robert Wettermann  Purchase 
    Under Bump Metal Etching - A Little Known Key Process in Wafer Level Packaging Ross Kulzer  Purchase 
    Principles and Implementation of LED Packaging Technologies for White Light Illumination S. W. Ricky Lee  Purchase 
    Path to the Future of Glass Interposers Shintaro Takahashi, Masaki Mikayama, Nobuhiko Imajo  Purchase 
    Semiconductor Die Attach with Nano-Ag: A Case Study of Commercial Application Takatoshi Nishimura, Keith Sweatman, Tetsuro Nishimura, Teruo Komatsu  Purchase 
    Optical Fiber Array Connector Designed for Assembly Automation Terry P Bowen, Aleksandar K Angelov, Steve Dellinges, Thomas Huegerich, Wayne Montoya, Frances T Peralta, Nick Pugliano, Sandeep Razdan, Jibin Sun, Jian Wang, John Wasserbauer, and Haipeng Zhang  Purchase 
    Winning Business - Sometimes The Best Idea Is Not Enough Timothy K. Duggins  Purchase 
    Electronic Product Assembly in High Labor Rate Markets - A Case Study in Exploiting the Counterweight to Low Labor Rate Competition: Automation Tom Borkes  Purchase 
    Asymptotic Behavior of Beta Distribution Wen-Jang Huang  Purchase 
    The Future of Organic and Printed Electronics: OE-A Roadmap Wolfgang Clemens, Donald Lupo, Mark Verrall, Klaus Hecker and Sven Breitung  Purchase 
    Failure Analysis in a Mixed-Signal Chip Yu-Jung Huang, Shen-Li Fu, Ming-Kun Chen and Yi-Lung Lin  Purchase 

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