International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference 2012 Proceedings

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    Wafer Spray Coating For Pre-Applied Underfill Akira Morita and James Klocke  Purchase 
    Adaptive Patterning For Panelized Packaging C. Scanlan, B. Rogers, T. Olson, C. Bishop, J. Kellar, and B.Y. Jung  Purchase 
    Deposition Processes for Competitive Through Silicon Via Interposer for 3D Cyprian Uzoh, Rezwana Sharna, Pejman Monajemi, Michael Newman, Charles Woychik and Terrence Caskey  Purchase 
    Room Temperature Debonding - An Enabling Technology for TSV and 3D Integration Garrett Oakes, Thorsten Matthias, Eric Pabo, Jürgen Burggraf, Daniel Burgstaller, Markus Wimplinger, and Paul Lindner  Purchase 
    Sealing Dispensing for MEMS Wafer Capping Heakyoung Park  Purchase 
    Low Stress Thick Film Photopatternable Thick Film Silicones for Large Die Wafer Level Applications Herman Meynen, Ranjith John, Ken Weidner, Craig Yeakle, Mike Bourbina, Arianne Tan, Brian Russell, and James Rosson  Purchase 
    Marked Reliability Increase of Plastic-Cored Solder Ball for Large Size Wafer-Level CSP Hiroya Ishida and Kiyoto Matsushita  Purchase 
    Developments of Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging Technology for System-In-Package on Wafer-Level (WLSIP) J. Campos; E. O'Toole; V. Henriques; A. Martins; A. Leão; A. Cardoso; A. Janeiro  Purchase 
    Embedded Barrel Spring Probe - Solution For WLCSP Testing Jiachun Zhou (Frank) and Jon Diller  Purchase 
    Yield and Strength of Metal Wafer-Level MEMS Device Sealing Using Al, Au, or Ti K. Schjølberg-Henriksen, PhD; E. Poppe, A.S. Moen, and E. Fasting  Purchase 
    Pad Lift Failure Mode Investigation for Wafer Level Package Laurent Gay, Sebastien Gallois-Garreignot, Francois Guyader, Romain Brouillac, Pauline Boissiere  Purchase 
    Wafer-Level Testing Challenge For Flip Chip and Wafer-Level Packages Lim Kok Hwa and Andy Chee  Purchase 
    Bonding and Contacting of Vertically Integrated 3-D Microscanners M. Wiemer, J. Frömel, C. Jia, S. Bargiel, M. Baranski, N. Passilly, and C. Gorecki  Purchase 
    Package Modeling of MEMS Devices Manickam Thavarajah & John Bloomsburgh  Purchase 
    MEMS Integration Issues Mary Ann Maher  Purchase 
    Co-Design Strategies for MEMS Packaging Mary Ann Maher and Sebastien Cases  Purchase 
    Heterogeneous Packaging for MEMS Matt Apanius  Purchase 
    MEMS Hermeticity and Reliablility Testing Today Michael Shillinger  Purchase 
    Silicone and Cleaning Solvent Compatibility Michelle Velderrain and Danielle Peak  Purchase 
    A Study of a Development Lithography Processes for 3Di Plating Applications Patrick Kearney, Kirsten Ruck, Kathleen Nafus, Tetsushi Miyamoto, Patrick Jaenen, and Andrew Miller  Purchase 
    Optical Profilometry of Substrate Bow Reduction Using Temporary Adhesives Paul Flynn and John Moore  Purchase 
    Understanding the Stacked Dies Interface Temperature and Its Influence During the 3D Ic Thermocompression Stacking Process R. Daily, G. Capuz, P. Bex, A. Miller  Purchase 
    Single Sided Wet Etching For Texturing, Thinning and Packaging Applications Ricardo I. Fuentes, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Evaluating Methods of Shipping Thin Silicon Wafers for 3D Stacked Applications Richard A. Allen, Urmi Ray, Vidhya Ramachandran, Iqbal Ali, David Read, Andreas Fehkührer and Jürgen Burggraf  Purchase 
    A New Single Wafer Cleaning Technology For Advanced Packaging Applications Richard Peters, Travis Acra, Spencer Hochstetler, Kimberly Pollard, Keith Cox, Don Pfettscher, Thorsten Matthias, Thomas Glinsner, and Martin Schmidbauer  Purchase 
    3D TSV Micro Cu Pillar Chip-To-Substrate/Chip Assembly/Packaging Technology Seung Wook Yoon, K. T. Kang, W. K. Choi, H. T. Lee, Andy C. B. Yong and Pandi C. Marimuthu  Purchase 
    Innovative 2.5D Solution: Extended / Flip Chip eWLB (Embedded Wafer Level Ball Grid Array) Technology Seung Wook Yoon, Yaojian Lin and Pandi C. Marimuthu  Purchase 
    Characterization of eWLB PoP Structures Tom Strothmann  Purchase 
    Reliability of TSV and Wafer-Level Bonding for a 3D Integrable SOI Based MEMS Application Torleif André Tollefsen, Maaike M. Visser Taklo, Thor Bakke, Nicolas Lietaer, Per Dalsjø, and Jakob Gakkestad  Purchase 
    TSV Process Variations for 2.5D and 3D Semiconductor Packaging Vern Solberg  Purchase 
    3D Packaging - Synthetic Quartz Substrate and Interposers for High Frequency Applications Vern Stygar, Tim Mobley  Purchase 
    Verification of Back-To-Front Side Alignment for Advanced Packaging Warren W. Flack, Manish Ranjan, Gareth Kenyon, Robert Hsieh, John Slabbekoorn, and Andy Miller  Purchase 

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