Pan Pacific Symposium 2012 Proceedings

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    Developing iNEMI'S Research Priorities Alan Rae Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Sustainable Electronics Alan Rae, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    2011 iNEMI Technology Roadmap and Its Place in Fulfilling the iNEMI Mission Bill Bader and Chuck Richardson  Purchase 
    Low Temperature Processing Conductive Adhesives for High Temperature Applications Binghua Pan, Chee Keng Yeo, and Su Liang Chan  Purchase 
    Material Selection and Parameter Optimization for Reliable TMV PoP Assembly Brian Roggeman, David Vicari, Lee Smith and Ahmer Syed  Purchase 
    EU Electronics Research and Development Direction; Highlights of Framework 7 and Expectations For Framework 8 Chris Bailey, MBA, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    The Richard Desich SMART Commercialization Center for Microsystems: A New Model to Drive Industry Development Chris Mather  Purchase 
    Training Gaps and Opportunities in Electronics Manufacturing Chris Mather  Purchase 
    Towards Large Area Roll-To-Roll (R2R) Flexible Multilayer Electronics Denisse E. Yepez, M.S.; Daryl L. Santos, Ph.D.; Bahgat Sammakia, Ph.D.; and Mark D. Poliks, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    The IPC International Technology Roadmap For Electronic Interconnections Dieter W. Bergman  Purchase 
    Roadmaps for ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) - True Prospects of Just Interests of the Industrial Enterprises Dipl.-Ing. Hartmut Berndt  Purchase 
    Automated Precision Assembly for High-Volume HB LEDs Donald J. Beck and Jessica Sylvester  Purchase 
    Technology Alternatives Towards Low-Cost and High-Speed Interconnect Manufacturing F. Roozebooma, B. Kniknie, A.M. Lankhorst, G. Winands, R. Knaapen, P. Poodt, G. Dingemans, W. Keuning, W.M.M. Kessels, J.E. Bullema, P.M.M.C. Bressers, G. Oosterhuis, M. Mueller and A.J. Huis in't Veld  Purchase 
    Investigation of Factors that Influence Creep Corrosion on Printed Circuit Boards Haley Fu, Cherie Chen, Prabjit Singh, Jing Zhang, Anil Kurella, Xu Chen, Xiaodong Jiang, Jennifer Burlingame, and Simon Lee  Purchase 
    JISSO Electronics Technology Roadmap Through 2020 Henry H. Utsunomiya  Purchase 
    3D Integration Packaging by Organic and Glass Materials Henry H. Utsunomiya  Purchase 
    Roadmapping Risks and Returns Herbert J. Neuhaus, Ph.D. and Charles E. Bauer, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom: Nanomaterials Emerges as an Electronics Powerhouse Herbert J. Neuhaus, Ph.D. and Charles E. Bauer, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Evaluation of Molded Underfill Packages Using Acoustic Micro Imaging Janet E. Semmens  Purchase 
    Stress Analysis of Multilayered Printed Circuit Board Under Mechanical Loading Jia-Shen Lan and Mei-Ling Wu  Purchase 
    PCB Dynamic Coplanarity at Lead-Free SMT Temperatures John Davignon, Ken Chiavone, Jiahui Pan, James Henzi, David Mendez and Ron Kulterman  Purchase 
    Silicon and Packaging Technology Trends in High Performance Networking Judy Priest  Purchase 
    Industry-University Collaboration and Advances in Lead-Free Solder Technology Kazuhiro Nogita, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    The Stability of Cu6Sn5 in the Formation and Performance of Lead-Free Solder Joints Keith Sweatman, Tetsuro Nishimura, and Kazuhiro Nogita  Purchase 
    Recent Progress In Anisotropic Conductive Adhesives (ACAs) Technology Kyung W. Paik  Purchase 
    3D Integration - A Promising Approach For Smart Systems Integration M. Juergen Wolf and Klaus-Dieter Lang  Purchase 
    Equipment and Process Solutions for Low Cost High Volume Manufacturing Of 3D Integrated Devices Markus Wimplinger, Jürgen Burggraf, Daniel Burgstaller, Thorsten Matthias, Harald Wiesbauer, Andreas Fehkührer, and Maria Schachinger  Purchase 
    Dielectrics for the Embedding of Active and Passive Devices N. Galster, R. Park, C. Schauer, A. Bruderer, and A. Kok  Purchase 
    Thin Palladium Layers as an Effective Cost Saving Strategy in Electronics Applications Olaf Kurtz, Jürgen Barthelmes, Eckart Klusmann, and Stephen Kenny  Purchase 
    Solder Paste Printing and Solder Paste Inspection Optimization Strategy for the PCBA SMT Process Phil Isaacs, Wayne Zhang, Alec Chen, Hill Liu, and Tracy Cai  Purchase 
    3D Glass and Silicon Interposers with TPV vs. 3D ICs with TSV Rao R. Tummala, Ph.D., Venkatesh Sundaram, Ph.D., Vijay Sukumaran, and Gokul Kumar  Purchase 
    Silver-Polyaniline-Epoxy Electrical Conductive Adhesives - A Percolation Threshold Analysis Sarang P. Gumfekar, Alex Chen, and Boxin Zhao  Purchase 
    Electroless Plating Process on Glass Substrate Satoshi Kawashima, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    The Perspectives Of 3D IC Technology In Taiwan Shen-Li Fu, Ph.D., Wei-Chung Lo, Ph.D., and Ray-Lin Yang, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Silicon Interposer For A 12X10 Gb/s Electro-Optical Engine Terry Bowen and Richard Miller  Purchase 
    Pushing the Limits of Lead-Free Soldering Tetsuro Nishimura  Purchase 
    Tin-Copper-Nickel-Germanium - A Case Study in Lead-Free Implementation Tetsuro Nishimura  Purchase 
    Methods of Micro Ball Bumping for Wafer Level and 3-Dimensional Applications Using Solder Sphere Transfer and Solder Jetting Thomas Oppert, Andrew Strandjord, Thorsten Teutsch, Ghassem Azdasht, and Elke Zakel  Purchase 
    New 3D Packaging Approach For Next Generation High Performance DRAM Vern Solberg, Simon McElrea, and Wael Zohni  Purchase 
    An Evaluation of the Neville Distribution for Studying the Brittle Failure Mode in Microelectronics Drop Testing Studies Vikram Venkatadri, Pushkraj Tumne, Krishnaswami Srihari, and Daryl L. Santos  Purchase 
    Copper Pillar Bump Process Characterization on 300mm Wafers Wei Koh, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    3D Contactless Capacitive Coupled Interconnection Circuit Design Yu-Jung Huang, Ph.D., Shen-Li Fu, Ph.D., Yi-Lung Lin, and Ming-Kun Chen, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Critical Parameters Lead to Failure of Lead-Free Solder Joint Under Thermal Cycling Yung-Wen Wang and Mei-Ling Wu  Purchase 

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