SMTA International 2011 Proceedings

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    Damage Mechanism Based Acceleration Factor Model For Pb Free Solder Ahmer Syed  Purchase 
    Characterization Of Void Growth In BGA Solder Balls Through Two SMT Reflow Soldering Cycles Alan Donaldson and Raiyo Aspandiar  Purchase 
    Supply Chain Management Through Cost Modeling Alan Palesko and Chet Palesko  Purchase 
    Printed Electronics and Nanomaterials Alan Rae  Purchase 
    Assembly And Reliability Of Preform Underfilmed BGAs In Drop Test And Thermal Cycling Andrew Mawer, Thomas Koschmieder, Paul Galles, Randy Anding, George Skevofilax, and Tim Lippe  Purchase 
    Inhibition Of Creep Corrosion Using Plasma Deposited Fluoropolymer Coating Andy Brooks, Siobhan Woollard, Gareth Hennighan, and Tim von Werne, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Analysis Of Corrosion Films In Printed Circuit Board Assemblies Anil Kurella Ph.D., Balu Pathangey Ph.D., Zhiyong Wang Ph.D., Tim Ciarkowski  Purchase 
    In-Process Reduction / Mitigation Of Tin Whiskers By Condensing Vapor Reflow Anthony A. Primavera, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Intermittent Connector Failures In Electronic Assemblies Aravind Munukutla and Anil Kurella  Purchase 
    New Challenges For Higher Aspect Ratio: Filling Through Holes And Blind Micro Vias With Copper By Reverse Pulse Plating Bernd Roelfs, Ph.D., Nina Dambrowsky Ph.D., Christof Erben, and Stephen Kenny  Purchase 
    Material Testing And Mitigation Techniques For Pad-Crater Defects Brian Gray, P. Eng., and John McMahon, P. Eng.  Purchase 
    Processing Strategies And Reliability of 0.4mm Pitch CSPS Brian J. Lewis, Daniel F. Baldwin, Ph.D., Paul N. Houston, and Fei Xie, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Reliability Impact Of Partial Pad Craters Brian Roggeman and David Rae  Purchase 
    Material Selection and Parameter Optimization For Reliable TMV PoP Assembly Brian Roggeman, David Vicari, Lee Smith, and Ahmer Syed  Purchase 
    Choosing A Low-Cost Alternative To Sac Alloys For Pcb Assembly: Preliminary Work Brook Sandy and Ronald Lasky, Ph.D., P.E.  Purchase 
    Lead-Free Solders For Use In Solar Module Manufacturing Christiaan L. Mey, Anthony Cao, Doug D. Perovic, BASc, MASc, Ph.D., FCAE, P. Eng.  Purchase 
    Evaluation Of Stencil Foil Materials, Suppliers And Coatings Chrys Shea and Ray Whittier  Purchase 
    Using SPI To Improve Print Yields Chrys Shea, Marion Zubrick, and Ray Whittier  Purchase 
    The Development Of A 0.3mm Pitch CSP Assembly Process Using Standard Materials Clive Ashmore and Mark Whitmore  Purchase 
    Japanese Green Technologies For SMT Daido Sawairi and Michelle Ogihara  Purchase 
    The Implications Of Recent Technology Advances For X-Ray Inspection In Electronics David Bernard, Ph.D. and Keith Bryant  Purchase 
    The Last Will And Testament Of The BGA Void David Hillman, Dave Adams, Tim Pearson, Brad Williams, Brittany Petrick, and Ross Wilcoxon, David Bernard, Ph.D., John Travis, Evstatin Krastev, Ph.D., and Vineeth Bastin  Purchase 
    Compatibility Of Cleaning Agents With Nano-Coated Stencils David Lober and Mike Bixenman, D.B.A.  Purchase 
    Package-on-Package (PoP) Assembly Challenges and Solutions For Low-Volume Engineering Prototype and Test Applications Deborah Dressler, Ming Li, Ph.D., and Donald Mullen, P.E.  Purchase 
    Lead Free Wave Soldering Project: Performance Of Lead Free Through-Hole Electrical Interconnects Denis Barbini, Denis Jean, Stuart Longgood, Keith Howell, and Jian Miremadi  Purchase 
    Reliability Of Lead-Free LGAs and BGAs: Effects Of Solder Joint Size, Cyclic Strain And Microstructure Denis Barbini, Ph.D. and Michael Meilunas  Purchase 
    Voiding Control At QFN Assembly Derrick Herron, Yan Liu, Ph.D., and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    SMT Process Characterization For Package On Package Interposer (POPI) Dudi Amir and Satyajit Walwadkar  Purchase 
    Low Voiding Reliable Solder Interconnects For LED Packages On Metal Core PCBs Ellen Tormey, Ph.D., Rahul Raut, Westin Bent, Ranjit Pandher, Ph.D., Bawa Singh, Ph.D., Ravi Bhatkal, Ph.D., and Justin Kolbe  Purchase 
    Reliability And Cleanability Of Solder Paste Residue: Vapor Phase Vs. Convection Emmanuelle Guéné, Marie Verdier, Anne-Marie Laügt, and Aurélie Ducoulombier  Purchase 
    How To Calculate The True Cost Of Global Electronics Outsourcing Eric H. Miscoll, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    An Innovative Process Indicator For Oxidation Of PCB With OSP Surface Finish (Part 2: Time To Discoloration Correlation With Solderability) Eric Hou, DF Chung, and Paul Wang, PhD.  Purchase 
    A Study Of Surface Finishes For IC Substrates And Wire Bond Applications Ernest Long Ph.D. and Lenora Toscano  Purchase 
    Processing Strategies And Reliability Of 3D Wafer Level Csps Fei Xie, Ph.D., Zhaozhi Li, Ph.D., Daniel F. Baldwin, Ph.D., Paul N. Houston, Brian J. Lewis  Purchase 
    Are Selective Soldering Fluxes Reliable? Gerjan Diepstraten, Ing.  Purchase 
    The Relevance Of Long-Duration TLP Stress On System Level ESD Design Gianluca Boselli, Akram Salman, Jonathan Brodsky, and Hans Kunz  Purchase 
    Reworking Of Pin Through Hole Components Using ‘Hot Air’- Paste In Hole Process Guhan Subbarayan, Leo Anderson, and Rahul Raut  Purchase 
    Embedded Components On The Way To Industrialisation Hannes Stahr and Mark Beesley  Purchase 
    Is Cleaning Critical to PoP Assemblies? Harald Wack, Ph.D., Umut Tosun, M.S., and Jigar Patel, M.S.  Purchase 
    Achieving The Excellent SCM: Diary Of A Practitioner Wearing The Ems And Oem Shoes Harjinder Ladhar  Purchase 
    Improving Supply Chain Performance Using Business Intelligence And Specialized Software Tools Proactively Harsh Kohli, Neeraj Mathur, and Ajay Patil  Purchase 
    Natural Disasters And Business Disruption: How Can Electronics Companies Evaluate And Mitigate Their Risk? Harvey Stone  Purchase 
    How Detailed Design Guidelines Can Improve Soldering Quality And Reduce Costs In Selective Through-Hole Soldering Processes Heike Schlessmann and Christian Ott  Purchase 
    High Temperature Lead-Free Solder Joints Via Mixed Powder System HongWen Zhang and Ning-Cheng Lee  Purchase 
    Nasa-Dod Pb-Free Electronics Rework Project: Effect Of 1x And 2x Eutectic Solder Rework On Vibration Reliability J.P. Tucker and C.A. Handwerker, Ph.D., and W. Russell, and A.E. Pedigo, Ph.D. and A. Ganster, and P. Snugovsky, Ph.D., J. Bragg, Z. Bagheri, M. Romansky  Purchase 
    EU RoHS Exemptions, Technology And Trends Since Promulgation Jackie Adams, Marie Cole, Mary Beth Fletcher, George Galyon, Curtis Grosskopf, John Quick, and Sophia Lau  Purchase 
    Process Control Inspection Of Surface Mounted Components Using Acoustic Micro Imaging – A Review Janet E. Semmens  Purchase 
    An Investigation Into Low Silver Lead-Free Alloy Solder Paste For Electronics Manufacturing Applications Jasbir Bath, Manabu Itoh, Gordon Clark, Kimiaki Mori, Hajime Takahashi, Kyosuke Yokota and Roberto Garcia  Purchase 
    Dynamic Production Planning Jay Gorajia  Purchase 
    Assembly Process Influence On Mechanical Test Performance Of 0.4mm Pitch CSP And LGA Components Jeff Schake and Brian Roggeman  Purchase 
    Packaging Technologies for OLED Displays and Lighting Products Jeffrey Spindler, Vidhya Shankar Govindarajan, David Newman, and Gopalan Rajeswaran, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Technical Trends In Networking From A Manufacturing Perspective Jey Lain  Purchase 
    Practical Business Approach To Obsolescence Mitigation And The Changing Supply Chain Landscape Jim Carrigan  Purchase 
    ENTEK OM; An OSP Alternative High Performance Final Finish Jim Kenny, Karl Wengenroth, John Fudala, Melanie Rischka, and Yung Herng Yau, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Reliability Testing Of Leading Edge Components For Handheld Portable Devices Jimmy Chow, Heather McCormick, Russell Brush, Craig Hamilton, Subramaniam Suthakaran, and Mike Berry  Purchase 
    The Effect Of Design Parameters On PTH Barrel Fill In High Complexity Assembly Jinda Songninluck, Juthathip Fangkangwanwong, Teng Hoon Ng, John McMahon  Purchase 
    How Can Vapor Phase Technology Support EMS RoHS Challenges Jochen Lipp  Purchase 
    Variations In Thermal Cycling Response Of Pb-Free Solder Due To Isothermal Preconditioning Joe Smetana, Richard Coyle, Peter Read, Richard Popowich, Debra Fleming, and Thilo Sack  Purchase 
    Projection Moiré Vs. Shadow Moiré For Warpage Measurement And Failure Analysis Of Advanced Packages Joe Thomas  Purchase 
    Pcb Dynamic Coplanarity At Elevated Temperatures John Davignon, Ken Chiavone and Jiahui Pan, James Henzi, and David Mendez and Ron Kulterman  Purchase 
    Method Of Determining Solder Paste Inspection Tolerance Settings Johnny Chen, R Sivam V Rajoo, Marco Zhao, Wei Wen, Golden Xu, Ace Ning, Michael Xie, An Qi Zhao, Wei Bing Qian, Fuqing Li, Ken Wong, Zhen (Jane) Feng Ph. D., and Murad Kurwa  Purchase 
    0.3mm Pitch Chip Scale Package (CSP) Process Development and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Jonas Sjoberg, Jenson Lee, Ranilo Aranda, and David Geiger  Purchase 
    Lead-Free Paste Characterization (Wetting And Voiding) Versus Reliability Jörg Trodler and Hans-Jürgen Albrecht, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Overcoming The Challenges Of The QFN Package Karl Seelig and Kevin Pigeon  Purchase 
    The Effect Of Microalloy Additions On The Morphology And Growth Of Interfacial Intermetallic in Low-Ag and No-Ag Pb-Free Solders Keith Sweatman, Jonathan Read, Tetsuro Nishimura, and Kazuhiro Nogita  Purchase 
    Effects Of Aging On The Secondary Intermetallic Layer (Cu3Sn1) For SAC305 Solder Kelsey Fitzgerald, Jay Marshall, Teneil Ryno, Andrew Kelley, and Clay Voyles  Purchase 
    EU RoHS Recast – Are You Ready? Krista Crotty  Purchase 
    NASA-DoD Lead-Free Electronics Project: Joint Test Report Kurt Kessel  Purchase 
    How To Protect Your Program Profit Plan In The Reality Of Obsolescence Larry Pappas  Purchase 
    Modular System Packaging By Embedding: Technologies, Applications and Perspectives Lars Boettcher, Dionysios Manessis, Stefan Karaszkiewicz,Thomas Loeher, and Andreas Ostmann  Purchase 
    Impact Of SMT Process Parameters To Control BGA Process Voids Druing Board Assembly Lei Nie, Ph.D., Alan Donaldson, Srinivasa Aravamudhan, and Raiyo Aspandiar, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Damage Mechanisms And Acceleration Factors For No-Pb LGA, TSOP, And QFN Type Assemblies In Thermal Cycling Luke Wentlent, Liang Yin, Michael Meilunas, Babak Arfaei, and Peter Borgesen  Purchase 
    Bga Rework Challenges Of High Thermal Mass, Large PCBA’s Manivannan Sampathkumar, Gopinath Aravindakshan, Denis Jean, and Dale Lee  Purchase 
    Evaluation of Reliability and Stack-Up Height on Next Generation 0.5 mm Pitch PoP Mark Schwarz, Alan Choi, and Owen Fay  Purchase 
    0.4 mm PoP Assembly Development and Reliability Mark Schwarz, Alan Choi, Owen Fay, and Milind Shah  Purchase 
    Testing Intermetallic Fragility On ENIG Upon Addition Of Limitless Cu Martin K. Anselm, Ph.D. and Brian Roggeman  Purchase 
    A Novel Low Temperature Fast Flow And Fast Cure Reworkable Underfill Mary Liu, Ph.D., and Wusheng Yin, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    An Innovative Rework Solution To Assembled IC Components Mary Liu, Ph.D., and Wusheng Yin, Ph.D. and Mark J. Walz  Purchase 
    A Unique Low-Ag Alloy Solder Paste For High-Reliability SMT Applications Masato Shimamura, Tsukasa Ohnishi, Tomoko Nonaka, and Seiko Ishibashi, and Tetsuya Okuno, Satoru Akita, and Derek Daily  Purchase 
    Electro-Migration And Material Transport In Solder Joints Mathias Nowottnick and Andrej Novikov, and Andreas Fix  Purchase 
    Lead-Free Vapor Phase Assembly Compatible Materials For A High Performance Smt Daughter Card Connector Matt Kelly, Ying Yu, John Healey, Wai Ma, Emanuele Lopergolo, Jing Zhang, Jay Diepenbrock, Theron Lewis, Vijay Khanna, Ruediger Kellmann, and Jim Bielick  Purchase 
    Photovoltaic Industry Overview And Comparison Of Global Business And Technology Models Matthew Holzmann  Purchase 
    Quality, Reliability And Metallurgy Of ENEPIG Board Finish And Tin-Lead Solder Joints Mike Wolverton, P.E.  Purchase 
    Stability Of Aluminum Thin Films On Flexible Substrate Under Thermal And Isothermal Conditions Mohammad M. Hamasha, Khalid Alzoubi, Tara Dhakal, Awni Qasaimeh, Susan Lu, Charles R. Westgate, and Danial VanHart  Purchase 
    The Effect Of Physical Dimensions Of An Embedded Planar Capacitor On Reliability Mohammed A. Alam, Michael H. Azarian, and Michael G. Pecht  Purchase 
    Electroless Pure Palladium Deposition On Copper As A Cu Wire Bondable Surface Finish Mustafa Oezkoek and Arnd Kilian, Ph.D. and Hugh Roberts  Purchase 
    Correlation Of Sir, Halide/Halogen, And Copper Mirror Tests Nicole Palma and Ronald Lasky, Ph.D., P.E.  Purchase 
    Assessment Of Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu Solder Joints Submitted To Different Thermal Cycling Olivier Maire, Ph.D., and Sophie Bousquet and Magali Vigier, and Nadia Wazad, and Alexander Dabek, and Chantal Gil, and Michèle Tran, and Thomas Backes, and Marc Grieu  Purchase 
    Defining Package Warpage Criteria To Mitigate Head And Pillow Defects Paramjeet Singh Gill and Yoong Tatt Chin  Purchase 
    Quick Assessment Of The Minimum Peak Reflow Temperature Required In Low-Ag Solder Assembly Pericles A. Kondos and Michael Meilunas,  Purchase 
    Lead-Free Solder Assembly Implementation For A Mid-Range Power Systems Server PK Pu, Theron Lewis, Marie Cole, Mark Hoffmeyer, John Shaughnessy, Tom Finck, Mark Stevens, Kari Fischer, and Joe Doman  Purchase 
    Prognostication Of Remaining Life And Prior Thermo-Mechanical Damage In Field-Deployed Electronics Pradeep Lall and Mahendra Harsha, Kai Goebel, and Jim Jones  Purchase 
    Health Monitoring Of Leadfree Electronics Under Mechanical Shock And Vibration With Particle Filter Based Resistance Spectroscopy Pradeep Lall and Ryan Lowe, and Kai Goebel  Purchase 
    Stress-Strain Behavior of SnAgCu Leadfree Alloys at High Strain Rates Typical of Mechanical Shock. Pradeep Lall, Sandeep Shantaram, Mandar Kulkarni, Geeta Limaye, and Jeff Suhling  Purchase 
    Reliability Of Mixed Alloy Ball Grid Arrays Under Thermal Fatigue And Drop Shock Test Ranjit Pandher and Ashok Pachamuthu  Purchase 
    Understanding Head-In-Pillow Defects – The Role Of Thermal Stability In Paste Ranjit Pandher, Rahul Raut, and Mike Liberatore  Purchase 
    Temperature Cycling Performance of a Quad Flat No Lead (QFN) Package Assembled With Multiple Pb-Free Solders Richard Coyle, Heather McCormick, Peter Read, Richard Popowich, and Debra Fleming  Purchase 
    Surface Mount Attachment Life Testing of a RF Circulator Component Assembled with Pb-Free or SnPb Solder Richard Coyle, Robert Kotlowitz, Peter Read, Richard Popowich, and Debra Fleming, and Robert Quigley and Robert O’Neill  Purchase 
    Solder Paste Jetting: A Broadband Solution Rita Mohanty, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Comparison Of Several PCB Final Finishes In A Mixed Flowing Gas Test Environment Robert Veale and James Trainor  Purchase 
    Illumination Grade LEDs Technology Overview And Application To PCB Manufacturing Ron Bonné, L.C.  Purchase 
    Flip Chip Assembly Process Optimizations And Material Selections Through Validated Simulations Ron Zhang, Rajesh Katkar, Michael Huynh, and Laura Mirkarimi  Purchase 
    A Case Study On Process Improvements For Vapor Phase Rework On High Thermal Mass SMT Connector Rupen Trivedi, Brian Standing  Purchase 
    Effect Of Stencil Technology On Ultra Fine Pitch Printing S. Manian Ramkumar, Ph.D. and Rita Mohanty, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Minimizing Voiding In QFN Packages Using Solder Preforms Seth J. Homer and Ronald C. Lasky, Ph.D., P.E.  Purchase 
    Thin Heat Spreader Attach Process For Thermally Constrained Embedded Markets Shawn Lloyd, Mike Kochanowski, Satyajit Walwadkar, and Erich Ewy  Purchase 
    Design For Manufacturability Of PTH Solder Fill In Thick Board With OSP Finish Shining Chang, Rocky Wang, Yu Xiang, and Paul Wang, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Developing A Pb-Free Solder Through Micro-Alloying Srinivas Chada, Ph.D., Mark Currie, Ph.D., and Brian Toleno, Ph.D., and Hector Steen, Ph.D. and Richard Boyle  Purchase 
    Reducing The Environmental Impact Of Cleaning Electronic Assemblies: A Case Study Steve Stach  Purchase 
    Challenges And Development For Lead-Free Wave Rework Soldering Sunil Gopakumar, Francois Billaut, Eric Fremd, K.Y.Tsai, Chu Lin, and Jasbir Bath  Purchase 
    Considerations For QFN Thermal Pad Solder Coverage Thomas A. Adams, P.E.  Purchase 
    NASA/DoD Lead-Free Electronics Project: -20°C To +80°C Thermal Cycle Test Thomas A. Woodrow, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Comparing Electronic Component Package Materials And Substrate Vendors For Solder-Joint Reliability Improvements Thomas Koschmieder, Joachim Rayos, Burt Carpenter, and Gary Westerman  Purchase 
    Achieving Excellent Vertical Hole Fill On Thermally Challenging Boards Using Selective Soldering Thomas Shoaf, Joseph Clure, and Denis Jean  Purchase 
    Eastern European Ems Site Location Options: Why Kimball Electronics Saw Poland As The Best Choice Tom Ferris  Purchase 
    Implementing TSV for 3D Semiconductor Packaging Vern Solberg  Purchase 
    Embedding Components: Design And Process Implimentation Principles Vern Solberg  Purchase 
    QFN Process Control Via 2D And 3D CT X-Ray Inspection Techniques Vineeth Bastin and Evstatin Krastev, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Rework Challenges And Solutions For Solder Joints Under Constant Mechanical Load From Gold-Plated EMC Springs Wayne Zhang, PK Pu, and Sven Peng, and Alec Chen, Hill Liu, Tracy Cai  Purchase 
    Drop Test Performance Of BGA Assembly Using Sac105ti Solder Spheres Weiping Liu and Ning-Cheng Lee, Simin Bagheri, Polina Snugovesky, Jason Bragg, Russell Brush, and Blake Harper  Purchase 
    Screens And Electroformed Accuscreens For Solar Printing Applications William E. Coleman, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Benchmarking And Qualifying Printed Circuit Board Fabricators For Semiconductor Device Test Boards William J. Mack  Purchase 

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