International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference 2011 Proceedings

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    Disruptive Wafer-Level Package-On-Package Technology A.G. Holland.  Purchase 
    Cost Comparison Of Fine Pitch Chip Scale Packaging Technologies Alan Palesko and Chet Palesko  Purchase 
    Effects Of Current Density And Pulse Frequency On Electroplated Copper Solder Joint Reliability Darren Moore PhD, JD Sumega MSc.  Purchase 
    Product, Adhesive, And Carrier Wafer Thickness Measurement David Marx, David Grant, and Russ Dudley  Purchase 
    Board Level Reliability Of Wafer Level CSPs For Telecommunication System Applications Ding Li, Xiangyong Qing, Lei Feng, Zhenkai Qin, Yuming Ye, and Weifeng Liu, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Evolution, Challenge, And Outlook Of TSV, 3D IC Integration And 3D Silicon Integration John H. Lau  Purchase 
    New Applicationsfor Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging Technology José Campos  Purchase 
    Intermetallic Slid Bonding (Cu-Sn And Au-Sn) For Wafer Level Encapsulation K. Wang, K.E. Aasmundtveit, and N. Hoivik, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Laminate Based Fan-Out Embedded Die Packaging Using Polyimide Multilayer Wiring Boards Kazuhisa Itoi, Masahiro Okamoto, Yoshinori Sano, Nobuki Ueta, Satoshi Okude, and Osamu Nakao, Theodore (Ted) G. Tessier, Senthil Sivaswamy, and Gene Stout  Purchase 
    Process And Equipment Enhancements For C2W Bonding In A 3D Integration Scheme Keith A. Cooper, Michael D. Stead, Daniel Pascual, and Eric F. Schulte, Gilbert Lecarpentier, and Jean-Stephane Mottet  Purchase 
    Resist Removal Technology For Next Generation 3D Packaging Solutions Kimberly D. Pollard, Jim Cooper, Allison Rector, Jeff Griffin, Nicole Skaggs, Craig Atkinson, Nichelle Wheeler, and Mike Phenis  Purchase 
    Identifying The Mechanism Of Stress-Assisted Void Growth In Through Silicon Via (TSV) By X-Ray Microscopy And Finite Element Modeling LayWai Kong, James R. Lloyd, Ph.D., Michael Liehr, Ph.D., Alain C. Diebold, Ph.D., Ehrenfried Zschech, Ph.D., and Andrew C. Rudack  Purchase 
    Wafer Level Vacuum Encapsulation For An Uncooled Microbolometer Array Martin Bring, Ph.D., Adriana Lapadatu, Ph.D., Tor Ivar Simonsen, Gjermund Kittilsland, and Lic.Eng.  Purchase 
    High Density TSV Chip Stacking Fabless Infrastructure Status Matt Nowak  Purchase 
    Wafer-Level Packaged MEMS Switch With TSV Nicolas Lietaer, Thor Bakke, Anand Summanwar, Per Dalsjø, Jakob Gakkestad, and Frank Niklaus  Purchase 
    Design Concept And Processing Solution For Molded Via BGA Paul T. Lin and Michael B. McShane  Purchase 
    System-In-Package Solutions With IMB® Substrates Risto Tuominen, M.Sc., Tuomas Waris, Tanja Karila, Janne Mettovaara, Markus Eklund, Sara Hardy-Baloun  Purchase 
    System-In-Package Opportunities With The Redistributed Chip Package (RCP) Scott Hayes, Navjot Chhabra, Trung Duong, Zhiwei (Tony) Gong, Doug Mitchell, and Jason Wright  Purchase 
    Ewlb (Embedded Wafer Level Bga) Technology: Dawn Of A New Age Of Thin And 3D Package Technology Seung Wook Yoon, Yaojian Lin, Chow Seng Guan, and Pandi C. Marimuthu  Purchase 
    Potential Of Large Area Mold Embedded Packages With PCB Based Redistribution T. Braun, K.-F. Becker, L. Böttcher, A. Ostmann, E. Jung, S. Voges, T. Thomas, R. Kahle, V. Bader, J. Bauer, R. Aschenbrenner, M. Schneider-Ramelow, and K.-D. Lang  Purchase 
    Lithography Challenges For Leading Edge 3D Packaging Applications Warren W. Flack, Manish Ranjan, Gareth Kenyon, Robert Hsieh, John Slabbekoorn, and Andy Miller  Purchase 
    Packaging Nanoporous Energetic Silicon For On-Chip Mems Applications Wayne A. Churaman, Collin R. Becker, Christopher J. Morris, Luke J. Currano, and Chia-Chen Wu, and Michael J. Sailor  Purchase 
    Design For Board Level Reliability Improvement In EWLB (Embedded Wafer Level BGA) Packages Won Kyoung Choi, Yaojian Lin, Chen Kang, Seng Guan Chow, Seung Wook Yoon, and Pandi Chelvam Marimuthu  Purchase 
    Development Of Next Generation eWLB (Embedded Wafer Level BGA) Technology Yonggang Jin, Jerome Teysseyrex, Xavier Baraton, Seung Wook Yoon, Yaojian Lin, and Pandi Chelvam Marimuthu  Purchase 

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