International Conference on Soldering & Reliability 2011 Proceedings

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    A Parametric Approach To Optimizing BGA Design For Reflow Reliability A.Shirazi, H. Lu and A. Varvani-Farahani  Purchase 
    Studies In The Interaction Of Moisture And PCBs, Part 2 B. Christian, Brandon Smith, Jordan Lui and Gyubok Baik  Purchase 
    How Using Automated 3D X-Ray Inspection Can Improve Product Reliability Barbara Koczera and An Qi Zhao  Purchase 
    Studies In The Interaction Of Moisture And PCBs, Part 1 Bev Christian and Gyubok Baik  Purchase 
    Device Sensitivity to Post Solder Attach Processes Curtis Grosskopf, Paul Krystek, Giacomo Catucci and Michael Lauri, Ai Kiar Ang, Wen Wei Low, and Matt Kelly  Purchase 
    Evaluation Of Tin Copper (SnCu) Modified Lead-Free Solder Alloys For Wave Solder Processes David Hillman, Tim Pearson and Jody Faust  Purchase 
    Voiding Control At QFN Assembly Derrick Herron, Yan Liu, Ph.D., and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Microstructure and Whisker Growth of SAC Solder Alloys with Rare Earth Additions in Different Environments Doug Perovic, Leonid Snugovsky, John Rutter, Polina Snugovsky, Zohreh Bagheri, and Stephan Meschter  Purchase 
    Development Of A Test Vehicle For The Study Of Tin Whiskers Heather McCormick, Jimmy Chow, Polina Snugovsky, Eva Kosiba, and Stephan Meschter  Purchase 
    Critical Considerations for Conformal Coating Jason Keeping, P. Eng.  Purchase 
    Laminate Resistance To Pad Crater Defects: Comparative Spherical Bend Testing John McMahon P.Eng. and Brian Gray P.Eng.  Purchase 
    Assessment of Microalloyed Sn-Zn as a Solder for Electronics Assembly Keith Howell, Keith Sweatman, Takashi Nozu, Tetsuro Nishimura  Purchase 
    Virtual Imaging Of Interconnect Stress Test Coupon Failures M. Anthony, D. Blake, R. Hu, and D. Ramjattan  Purchase 
    Application Of Solder Paste In PCB Cavities Markus Leitgeb and Christopher Michael Ryder  Purchase 
    Lead-Free Supply Chain Management Systems: Printed Circuit Board Assembly & Test Audit And Technology Qualification Matt Kelly, Marie Cole, Larry Pymento, Celeste Zippetelli and Willie Davis  Purchase 
    Conductive Crystals, White Residues and Decreased Reliability - The Rush To Clean No-Clean Michael Konrad  Purchase 
    Optimization of the 01005 Discrete Assembly Process Mike Berry  Purchase 
    Cleaning Flux Residues Under Low Component Gaps Mike Bixenman, DBA  Purchase 
    Pb-Free Assembly With Low-Ag Solders For High Yield And Solder Joint Performance Pericles A. Kondos, Michael Meilunas, and Peter Borgesen  Purchase 
    Assembly And Rework Of A Large Surface Mount Connectors With Wafers Phil Isaacs, Sven Peng, Seow Wah Sng, Wai Mun Lee and Alex Chen  Purchase 
    Whisker-Impenetrable Metal Cap Process For Electronic Assemblies Robert J. Landman, Gordon Davy, Dennis D.Fritz  Purchase 
    Influence Of Filler Modifications On The Performance Of A Novel Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive Under Temperature/Humidity Aging S. Manian Ramkumar, Ph.D., Alex Chen, P.E., Hari Venugopalan, Ph.D. and Kumar Khanna, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Characterization And Prediction Of Pad-Crater Fracture In Lead-Free Compatible PCBs Siva P.V. Nadimpalli and Jan K. Spelt  Purchase 
    Tin Whisker Testing and Risk Modeling Project Stephan Meschter, Polina Snugovsky, Jeff Kennedy, Steve McKeown and Eva Kosiba  Purchase 
    Case Histories in Failure Analysis of Electronics Assemblies Vladimir Igoshev  Purchase 
    How To Cope With The Next Wave In Substance Regulations Walter Jager  Purchase 

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