Pan Pacific Symposium 2011 Proceedings

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    3D Nanofabrication Using Heated Probes - Towards MHZ Patterning Rates A. W. Knoll, P. Paul, F. Holzner, M. Despont, U. Duerig, and J. L. Hedrick  Purchase 
    Solder Paste Stencil Manufacturing Methods And Their Impact On Precision And Accuracy Ahne Oosterhof and Stephan Schmidt  Purchase 
    Developments In Nano Enabled Interconnects Alan Rae  Purchase 
    Conformal Coating Evaluation For Use In Harsh Environments Utilizing A Modified SIR Test Protocol Casey H. Cooper  Purchase 
    Energy, Electronics, And Ecology; Turning A Negative Into A Positive Charles E. Bauer, Ph.D., and Herbert J. Neuhaus, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Development Of Accurate Wafer Thinning, Low Stress Die Separation And Handling Technology Chuichi Miyazaki, Haruo Shimamoto, Toshihide Uematsu, Yoshiyuki Abe, Kosuke Kitaichi, and Shoji Yasunaga  Purchase 
    Enabling MSL-1 Capability For QFN And Other Design Leadframe Packages - Part II Dan Hart, John Ganjei, and Nilesh Kapadia  Purchase 
    Voiding Control At QFN Assembly Derrick Herron, Yan Liu, Ph.D., and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Improved Performance, Reliability And Cost Through Integration Of Simple Components - Passives! Franck Murray  Purchase 
    Solutions Against ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) In A Production Line (SMT) - Today And In The Future – International ESD And Semiconductor Roadmap Hartmut Berndt, Dipl.-Ing.  Purchase 
    Emerging Embedded Devices Into Substrate For More Than Moore Era Henry Hisanobu Utsunomiya  Purchase 
    HB-LED Cavity Encapsulation Horatio Quinones, Tom Ratledge, and Heakyoung Park  Purchase 
    Advancements In High Frequency, High Resolution Acoustic Micro Imaging For Thin Silicon Applications Janet E. Semmens  Purchase 
    Laminate Resistance To Pad Crater Defects: Comparative Spherical Bend Testing John McMahon, P.Eng. and Brian Gray, P.Eng.  Purchase 
    Past, Present And Future Of Solderless Assembly Joseph Fjelstad  Purchase 
    Over-Molded Electronics and Printed Hybrid Systems Jukka-Tapani Mäkinen, Kimmo Keränen, Ph. D., Teemu Alajoki, Matti Koponen, Antti Keränen, Ph. D., Antti Kemppainen, and Kari Rönkä, Ph. D.  Purchase 
    The Stability Window And Mechanical Properties Of The Interfacial Intermetallic In Lead-Free Solder Joints Keith Sweatman, Kazuhiro Nogita, Hideaki Tsukamoto, and Tetsuro Nishimura  Purchase 
    Backlight Illumination Structure Based On Embedded Inorganic LED Chips And Hot Laminated Multilayer Polymer Kimmo Keränen, Ph. D., Jukka-Tapani Mäkinen, Mikko Heikkinen, Marianne Hiltunen, Markku Lahti, Ph. D., Antti Sunnari, Kari Rönkä, Ph. D. and Matti Koponen  Purchase 
    Eco-Compliance Audit – Will You Pass? Krista Botsford Crotty  Purchase 
    EU RoHS Recast - Are You Ready? Krista Botsford Crotty  Purchase 
    3D Packaging Initiatives M. Juergen Wolf and Klaus-Dieter Lang  Purchase 
    Innovative High Throw Copper Electroplating Process For Metallization Of PCB Maria Nikolova, Ph.D. and Jim Watkowski  Purchase 
    Copper Wire Bonding On Pure Palladium Surface Finishes – Eliminating The Gold Cost From The Electronic Package Mustafa Özkök, Hugh Roberts, and Horst Clauberg  Purchase 
    Device Level 3D Integration Technologies For High Performance/Reliability Modules Paul Houston, Brian Lewis, Keck Pathammavong, Tim Sparks, and Daniel F. Baldwin, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Damage Accumulation In Pb-Free Solder Joints For Complex Loading Histories Peter Borgesen, Linlin Yang, Awni Qasaimeh, Babak Arfaei, Liang Yin, Brian Roggeman, and Michael Meilunas  Purchase 
    Pb-Free Thermal Cycle Acceleration Factors Phil Isaacs and Eddie Kobeda  Purchase 
    Assembly And Rework Of Large Surface Mount Connectors With Wafers Phil Isaacs, Sven Peng, Seow Wah Sng, Wai Mun Lee, and Alex Chen  Purchase 
    Low-Cost Silicon And Glass Interposers And Packages Professor Rao R. Tummala; Venky Sundaram, Ph.D.; Tapobrata Bandyopadhyay; Vivek Sridaran; and Vijay Sukumaran  Purchase 
    Assembly Interconnect Reliability In Solid State Lighting Applications – Part 1 Rahul Raut, Ravi Bhatkal, Westin Bent, Bawa Singh, Sujatha Chegudi, Ranjit Pandher, Justin Kolbe and Sanjay Misra  Purchase 
    New Process And Cost Reduction Developments In Tin Silver Electroplating Of Wafers Robert S. Forman  Purchase 
    Influence of Filler Modifications on the Performance of a Novel Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive Under Temperature/Humidity Aging S. Manian Ramkumar, Ph.D., Alex Chen, P.E., Hari Venugopalan, Ph.D. and Kumar Khanna, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Economic Considerations In Choosing A TSV Deposition Technology Steve Lerner  Purchase 
    Geometric Downscaling – A Challenge For Process Chemicals And Materials Sven Lamprecht, Hugh Roberts, and Chisato Okawa  Purchase 
    Laser Direct Structuring For Innovative Electronics Designs Tamim P. Sidiki, Abel Pot, and Frank v.d. Burgt  Purchase 
    Design For Green Electronics Tamim P. Sidiki, Ph.D. and Ine Cox  Purchase 
    Integration Of Magnetics, Semiconductors, And PCBs In One Component Tamim P. Sidiki, Ph.D., Abel Pot, Frank van der Burgt, See-Wee Ong, Rinus v. d. Berg, and Horst Roehm, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Silicon Interposer For Compact Right Angle Coupling Of Flip Chip Vcsel And Detector Arrays To Multi-Facet Endface Optical Fibers Terry Bowen, Marcel Buijs, Jeroen Duis, Mirko Schurink  Purchase 
    Thin Wafer Processing And Chip Stacking For 3D Integration Thorsten Matthias, Daniel Burgstaller, Markus Wimplinger, and Paul Lindner  Purchase 
    Simulation and Modeling of Capacitive Coupling Interconnection For 3D Integration Yu-Jung Huang, Ph.D., Shen-Li Fu, Ph.D., Yi-Lung Lin and Ming-Kun Chen, Ph.D.  Purchase 

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