International Conference on Soldering & Reliability 2010 Proceedings

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    Mechanistic-Based Reliability Evaluation Of FC-PBGA Under Thermal And Flexural Loading A.Shirazi, H.Lu and A.Varvani-Farahani  Purchase 
    Vapour Phase Reflow - Profiling For Lead Free Alloys Allen Duck and Claus Zabel  Purchase 
    Going Lead Free With Vapor Phase Soldering - Lead Free Is Still A Challenge For Major Industries Andreas Thumm  Purchase 
    Environmental Legislation That Export Oriented Canadian Electronics Manufacturers Should Take Into Consideration Bev Christian  Purchase 
    Reactions In The Sn Corner Of The Cu-Sn-Zn Alloy System D.D. Perovic, L Snugovsky, J.W. Rutter and P. Snugovsky  Purchase 
    Flux Cored Wire Shelf Life Study David Hillman  Purchase 
    Experimental Techniques For Characterizing The Thermal And Mechanical Properties Of Halogen-Free Laminates David Lau, Y. Norman Zhou, Julie Liu, Madusha Cooray and Laura J. Turbini  Purchase 
    Process Optimization To Prevent The Graping Effect Ed Briggs and Ron Lasky  Purchase 
    A Tool For Predicting Reliability Of Lead-Free Soldered Electronic Packages Under Thermal Cycling Conditions Emad S. Al-Momani, Peter Borgesen, Mohammad Khasawneh, Bahgat Sammakia, Rajaa Alqudah and Michael Meilunas  Purchase 
    Experimental Mechanics Based Approaches To Package Reliability: Some Recent Applications Hua Lu, Ming Zhou, Alireza Shirazi and Cuiru Sun  Purchase 
    Acoustic Surface Flatness Measurement; An Alternative For SMT Warpage Analysis J. Richtsmeier and S. Martell  Purchase 
    Environmental Regulatory Roadmap: A Recent History And A Look Forward Jacklin Adams, George Galyon, Ph.D. and LH Chew PM  Purchase 
    Effect Of Assembly Variations On Triple Stack Package On Package Yield And Reliability Jimmy Chow, Heather McCormick, Russell Brush, Joel Trudell and Roden Cortero  Purchase 
    Mechanical Failures In Pb-Free Processing: Evaluating The Effect Of Pad Crater Defects On Process Strain Limits For BGA Devices John McMahon and Brian Gray  Purchase 
    Effect Of Soldering Method And Flux Type On Whisker Growth In SAC305 Keith Howell, Masuo Koshi, Junya Masuda, Tetsuro Nishimura, Takashi Nozu and Keith Sweatman  Purchase 
    PTH Connector Temperature Mass Study: Plastic Housing Survival After Elevated Lead-Free Process Temperature Exposures Matthew Kelly, Curtis Grosskopf, Paul Krystek, Brian Littell, Craig Hamilton, Jose Traya and Rupen Trivedi  Purchase 
    Improving The R.O.S.E. Process Control and Quality Assurance Method Mike Bixenman, Ph.D., Steve Stach and Curtis Hart  Purchase 
    Practices To Assure Consistent Automated Hot Gas Rework Mitchell Ferrill and Musheer Ahmed  Purchase 
    Use Of Combination 2d And Ct Scan X-Ray Imaging For Solder Joint Inspection Nandu Ranadive  Purchase 
    Investigation of a Connector Electrical Failure Peter Arrowsmith, Al Hawley, Prakash Kapadia, Mustafa Al-Salman, and Rana Sodhi  Purchase 
    Polyimide Restructuring, An Application For Low-K/Ultra-Low-K Die and Lead-Free Bump Integrity Improvement Roden Topacio  Purchase 
    BGA Re-Balling From Pb-Free To Sn-Pb Metallurgy S. J. Meschter, S.A. McKeown, R. Feathers and E. Arseneau  Purchase 
    Weight Limits For Double Sided Reflow Of QFNs Sasha Smith, David Connell and Bev Christian  Purchase 
    A Geometry And Size Independent Failure Criterion For Fracture Prediction In Lead-Free Solder Joints Siva P. V. Nadimpalli and Jan K. Spelt  Purchase 
    Board Level Reliability Evaluation Of Low Silver (Ag) Content Lead-Free Solder Joints At Low Strain Rates Vikram Srinivas, Nicholas Williard, Preeti Chauhan and Michael Osterman  Purchase 

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