SMTA International 2016 Proceedings

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    Effect of Fine and Ultra-Fine Lead-Free Solder Powder Characteristics on the Reflow Property of Pastes Amir H. Nobari, Ph.D. and Sylvain St-Laurent, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Leadless Flip Chip PLGA for Networking Applications Andrew Mawer, Tara Assi, Steve Safai and Trent Uehling  Purchase 
    Living With PB-Free in High Performance Engineering Design Anthony J. Rafanelli  Purchase 
    FEA and Analysis for BGA/CGA Assemblies Under Thermal Cycling Anupam Choubey and Reza Ghaffarian, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Evaluation of the Use of Enepig in Small Solder Joints Ben Gumpert, William Fox, C. Don Dupriest  Purchase 
    Solderability Testing Protocols and Component Re-Tinning Methods for the 21st Century Bob Klenke  Purchase 
    Top 5 BGA Rework Challenges to Overcome (2016) Bob Wettermann, MIT  Purchase 
    Reactivity of No-Clean Flux Residues Trapped Under Bottom Terminated Components Bruno Tolla, Ph.D.¹, Jennifer Allen1, Kyle Loomis1and Mike Bixenman, DBA²  Purchase 
    Surface Insulation Resistance of No-Clean Flux Residues Under Various Surface Mount Components Bruno Tolla, Ph.D., Denis Jean, Kyle Loomis, Yanrong Shi, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Effects of Substrate Material and Package Pad Design on Solder-Joint Reliabilty of 0.8MM Pitch BGA Burton Carpenter  Purchase 
    2015 Results and 2017 INEMI Roadmap Preview of Selected IOT, Board Assembly & Optoelectronics Chapter Highlights Chuck Richardson  Purchase 
    Reliability of Doped Lead-Free Solder Joints Under Isothermal Aging and Thermal Cycling Cong Zhao, Thomas Sanders, Chaobo Shen, Zhou Hai, John L. Evans, Ph.D., M.J. Bozack, Ph.D., and Jeffrey Suhling  Purchase 
    Selective Removal of Conformal Coatings by Pulsed Ultraviolet Lasers Cristian Porneala, Joshua Schoenly, Xiangyang Song, Rouzbeh Sarrafi, Dana Sercel, Sean Dennigan, and Marco Mendes  Purchase 
    Improving the PCB Assembly Manufacturing Process by Utilizing an Alternative Solder Paste: A Statistical Evalution Denis Barbini, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Conformal Coating-Relative Performance Comparison Through Environmental Testing Using IPC B-52 Test Board Domingo Vazquez¹, Alfredo Garcia¹, Ricardo Macias¹, Humberto Ramirez¹, Cristina Amador¹, Iulia Muntele¹, Shane Lewis¹, Mulugeta Abtew¹ and Jeff Chinn²  Purchase 
    Study of Immersion Gold Processes That May Be Used for Both and Enepig Don Gudeczauskas, Albin Gruenwald and George Milad  Purchase 
    Understanding PCB Design Variables That Contribute to Warpage During Module-Carrier Attachment Donald Adams¹, Todd MacFadden¹, Rafael Maradiaga¹ , Ryan Curry ²  Purchase 
    Advances in Autonomous Driving and V2X Technologies Dwight Howard  Purchase 
    The Versatile Preform Ed Briggs  Purchase 
    Ultrasonics as an Option for Electronics Assembly Cleaning Ed Kanegsberg, Ph.D. and Barbara Kanegsberg  Purchase 
    Contamination Risks Related to ESD Gloves and Finger Cots Eric Camden  Purchase 
    WLCSP and a Standardized TV for Ultra-Thin HDI Fabrication Erkko Helminen¹, Fei Xie – Ph.D. ², Tony Senese³, Robert P. Smith ⁴  Purchase 
    Extra Fine Pitch Flip Chip Assembly Process, Underfill Evaluation and Reliability Fei Xie, Ph.D.¹, Daniel F. Baldwin, Ph.D.¹, Han Wu¹, Swapon Bhattacharya, Ph.D.¹, Kelley Hodge¹, Qing Ji, Ph.D.², Ben Bo²  Purchase 
    Effects of Composition and Isothermal Aging on the Microstructure and Performance of Alternate Alloy PB-Free Solder Joints Francis M. Mutuku, Ph.D.², Babak Arfaei, Ph.D.³, Eric Cotts, Ph.D.¹  Purchase 
    How to Set Up a Successful Blind Via Hole Fill DC Plating Process George Milad  Purchase 
    Final Finish Specifications Overview IPC Plating Subcommittee 4-14 George Milad  Purchase 
    X-Ray Inspection of Lead and Lead-Free Solder Joints Glen Thomas, Ph.D., Bill Cardoso, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Modeling an SMT Line to Improve Throughput Gregory Vance¹ and Todd Vick²  Purchase 
    Application of Young-Laplace Equation Reveals New Possibilities for Thermal Pad Design Günter Gera, Udo Welzel, Thomas Ewald, Harald Feufel  Purchase 
    Flip Chip LED Solder Assembly Gyan Dutt, Srinath Himanshu, Nicholas Herrick, Amit Patel and Ranjit Pandher, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Improved Reliability Performance of Jet Dispensable Polymeric Coating Material Hemal Bhavsar, Dan Duffy and Bruno Tolla, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Failure Analysis and Assembly Process Simulation of Package-On- Package (POP) Module Hui Xiao, Daojun Luo, Yabing Zou, Tao Lu  Purchase 
    Risk for Ceramic Component Cracking Dependent on Solder Alloy and Thermo-Mechanical Stress J. Trodler Dipl.-Ing.R. ¹, Dudek Dr.-Ing.²,M. Röllig Dr.-Ing. ³  Purchase 
    Industry intelligence From Teardowns of IOT and Wearables Jason Aho, Dr. Bill Cardoso, Tom Gasaway, Andrew Gedker, Tom Geib, Griffin Lemaster, David Phillips, Francisco Sanchez, Jesse Squire, Dr. Glen Thomas, Jerry Torres, Carlos Valenzuela  Purchase 
    Comparing the Performance of Engineered Tin/Copper Alloys in Selective Soldering Jason Fullerton and Chris Colindres  Purchase 
    The Combined Effect of Assembly Pitch and Distance to Neutral Point on Solder Joint Thermal Cycling Life Jean-Paul Clech  Purchase 
    Moisture Effects in Common Solderable RF Connector Dielectrics Jeffrey Marcus Jennings  Purchase 
    The Impact of VIA and Pad Design on QFN Assembly Jennifer Nguyen, David Geiger and Anwar Mohammed  Purchase 
    Low Cost BGA Rework Feasibility Study Jesse DeWitt  Purchase 
    The Influence of Die Size and Distance From Neutral Point on the Thermal Fatigue Reliability of a Chip Array BGA Jim Wilcox¹, Richard Coyle², Pete Read², Michael Meilunas¹, and Richard Popowich²  Purchase 
    Project Update: Protocol Development for Testing Solder Reliability in Combined Environments John McMahon¹, Polina Snugovsky¹, Jeffrey Kennedy¹, Joseph Juarez², Milea Kammer², Ivan Straznicky³, David Hillman4, David Adams4, Stephan Meschter5,Subramaniam Suthakaran¹, Russell Brush¹, Doug Perovic ⁶  Purchase 
    The Development and Characterization of Hybrid Thermal/ EMI Solutions for Electronics John Timmerman, Ph.D., Scott King, Dan Maslyk  Purchase 
    DFX on High Density Assemblies Jonas Sjoberg, Chris Nash, David Sbiroli and Wisdom Qu  Purchase 
    Tin Flakes/ Splashes in SMT Jose M. Servin, Miguel Dominguez, Tabata Nöthel, Indira Vazquez, Pedro Juarez, Ivan Roman  Purchase 
    Wetting and Solidification of Pure Tin on Polycrystalline Intermetallic CuxAly Substrates Kathlene N. Reeve and Carol A. Handwerker  Purchase 
    Reworkable Edgebond Applied Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Package (WLCSP) Thermal Cycling Performance Enhancement At Elevated Temperature Kola Akinade, Ph.D.¹, Cherif Guirgis1, Weidong Xie¹, Steven Perng, Ph.D.¹ and Edward Ibe² and Karl Loh²  Purchase 
    Electronic Packages and Modules Based on Embedded Die Technologies Lars Boettcher, Stefan Karaszkiewicz, Dionysios Manessis and Andreas Ostmann  Purchase 
    Rework and Reball Challenges for Wafer-Level Packages Lauren Cummings and Priyanka Dobriyal, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Board level Reliability of Fine Pitch Flip Chip BGA Packages for Automotive Applications Laurene Yip, Ace Ng  Purchase 
    The Sir Reliability of Fine Pitch QFN Components Under Harsh Test Condition Li Baocai, Wang Xiaoan, Sun Xiaoyan, Zhu Ailan, Tu Yunhua, Renzhe Zhao  Purchase 
    Ultra-Low Voiding Halogen-Free No-CLean Lead-Free Solder Paste for Large Pads Li Ma, Fen Chen and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Effectiveness of Conformal Coatings In Preventing Resistor Silver Sulfide Corrosion Marie Cole¹, Jacob Porter¹, Jason Wertz¹, Marc Coq¹, Jim Wilcox² and Mike Meilunas²  Purchase 
    Chemical Data vs. Electrical Data is One Better Reliability Predictor? Mark Northrup¹, Timothy A. Estes² and Joe Russeau³  Purchase 
    Stencil Printing Techniques for Challenging Heterogeneous Assembly Applications Mark Whitmore and Jeff Schake  Purchase 
    Room Temperature Fast Flow Reworkable Underfill for LGA Mary Liu, Ph.D., and Wusheng Yin, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Comparison of Active and Passive Temperature Cycling Mathias Nowottnick, Andrej Novikov, Dirk Seehase, and Chris Kronwald  Purchase 
    BTC/QFN Test Board Design Considerations and Method for Qualifying Soldering Materials and Cleaning Processes Mike Bixenman, DBA¹, Mark McMeen² and Jason Tynes²  Purchase 
    Using Rheology Measurement as a Potentially Predictive Tool for Solder Paste Transfer Efficiency and Print Volume Consistency Mitch Holtzer, Karen Tellefsen and Westin Bent  Purchase 
    Microstructure and Performance of Micro CU Pillars Assemblies Mohammed Genanu ¹, Babak Arfaei, Ph.D.5, Eric J.Cotts, Ph.D.¹, Francis Mutuku ², Eric Perfecto ³, Scott Pollard 4, Aric Shorey 4  Purchase 
    High Thermo- Mechanical Fatigue and Drop Shock Resistant Alloys for Ball-Grid Array Package Applications Morgana Ribas, Ph.D.¹, Suresh Telu, Ph.D.¹, Prathap Augustine¹, Raghu R. Rangaraju¹, Anil Kumar¹, Divya Kosuri¹, Pritha Choudhury, Ph.D.¹, Siuli Sarkar, Ph.D.¹, Rommel T. Bumagat², Garian Lim ², Martin Sobczak  Purchase 
    Effect of Thermal-Mechanical Stresses on the Reliability of Lead-Free Low Silver Alloys Morgana Ribas, Ph.D.¹, Anil Kumar¹, Raghu R. Rangaraju¹, Divya Kosuri¹, Pritha Choudhury, Ph.D.¹, Siuli Sarkar, Ph.D.¹, Ranjit Pandher, Ph.D.², Tom Hunsinger³  Purchase 
    NSOP Reduction for QFN RFIC Packages Mumtaz Y. Bora  Purchase 
    Fine Pitch CU Pillar With Bond on Lead (BOL) Assembly Challenges for High Performance Flip Chip Package Nokibul Islam, Vinayak Pandey, *KyungOe Kim  Purchase 
    DfR-Design for Rinse-Ability: Effect of SMT Component Package Design on Cleaning Effectiveness Norman J. Armendariz, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Solder Joint Reliability on Mixed SAC-BISN Ball Grid Array Solder Joints Formed With Resin Reinforced BI-SN Metallurgy Solder Pastes Olivia H Chen¹, James Gao⁴, Tim C.C. Pan⁴, Kok Kwan Tang³, Raiyo Aspandiar, Ph.D.², Kevin Byrd2, Bite Zhou2, Scott Mokler², and Al Molina1  Purchase 
    Predicting the Reliability of Packaging-On Package-On- Package (POPOP) Interconnections Based on Accelerated Aging Experiments and Computational Modeling P. T. Vianco, Ph.D., J.A. Rejent, J.M Grazier, A.C. Kilgo, B.M. McKenzie, and M.K. Neilsen  Purchase 
    2D X-Ray inspection With Materials and Thickness Identification Paul D. Scott, Ph.D.¹, Evstatin Krastev, Ph.D., P.E.²  Purchase 
    Breaking Through Flux Residues to Provide Reliable Probing on PCBAS- Consistent Connections Across Different No-Clean Solder, Fluxes and Land Designs Paul Groome, Ehab Guirguis¹ and Bruno Tolla, Denis Jean, Kyle Loomis²  Purchase 
    Reservior Printing In Deep Cavities Phani Vallabhajosyula, Ph.D.¹, William Coleman, Ph.D.¹, Karl Pfluke ¹, Brook Sandy-Smith ²  Purchase 
    A New Selective Conformal Coating Process for the Increased Ruggedization of Printed Circuit Assemblies With Particular Emphasis On Condensing Environments Phil Kinner¹, Jonathan Urquhart², Christopher Hunt³  Purchase 
    Comparing Flowers-of-Sulfur and Mixed-Flowing Gas Creep Corrosion Testing of Printed Circuit Boards Prabjit Singh1, Marie Cole¹, Tibor Kiraly², Julian S. K. Tan³, Raj Rangaraj⁴, Gerry Woods⁴ and Tim Chang⁴  Purchase 
    Survivability Assessment and Life-Modeling of Fine Pitch Solder Joint Fuze Electronics Under Mechanical Shock Loads Up to 50,000G Pradeep Lall, Ph.D.¹, Kalyan Dornala¹, Jason Foley², John Deep² and Ryan Lowe³  Purchase 
    X-Ray Micro-CT Based Fniite Element Models for Remaining Useful Life Assessment of Field Deployed Electronics Pradeep Lall, Ph.D., Junchao Wei  Purchase 
    Effect of Alloy Composition and Aging On the Survivability of LeadFree Solders In High Temperature Vibration In Automotive Environments Pradeep Lall, Ph.D.¹, MBA, Vikas Yadav¹, Di Zhang¹ and Robert Kinyanjui, Ph.D.², Brad Palmer², Jesse Jangula²  Purchase 
    Challenges for Selecting Appropriate TIM2 Material for CPU Priyanka Dobriyal, Sumit Soni, Chet Lee  Purchase 
    Impact of Substrate Materials on Reliability of High Power LED Assemblies Ranjit Pandher, Ph.D.¹ and Ravi Bhatkal¹, Ph.D. and Kurt-Jürgen Lang²  Purchase 
    High Thermal, High Operating Temperature Interconnects for Ultra high Power LEDs Ravi M. Bhatkal, Ph.D. and Ranjit Pandher, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Effect of Thermal Cycling on Subsequent Drop Behavior of CGA1272 Assemblies Reza Ghaffarian, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    A Collaborative Industrial Consortia Program for Characterizing Thermal Fatigue Reliability of Third Generation PB-Free Alloys Richard Coyle, et. all  Purchase 
    Executive Agent for Printed Circuit and Electronic Interconnect Technology PRCB Trust Accreditation Richard Snogren¹, John Timler, Ph.D.², Steve Vetter³  Purchase 
    The Dynamics of Low Stress Epoxy Curing Robert L. Hubbard, Ph.D.₁, Iftikhar Ahmad, Ph.D.₁, David R. Tyler, Ph.D.₂  Purchase 
    2015 Roadmap DOD Executive Agent for Printed Circuit Board and Interconnect Technology Roger Smith and Craig Herndon  Purchase 
    Electroplated Copper Filling of Through Hole Influence of Hole Geometry Ron Blake, Andy Oh, Carmichael Gugliotti, Bill DeCesare, Don DeSalvo, Rich Bellemare  Purchase 
    An Introduction to the Process of Printed Electronics S.G.R. Avuthu, Ph.D., M. Gill, N Ghalib, M. Sussman, G. Wable, J. Richstein, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Advances in the Research of A SN/CU-NI Composite Solder Paste for High Temperature Use S.M. Choquette¹,³ and I.E. Anderson¹,²  Purchase 
    Via-In-Pad Plated Over (VIPPO) Design Considerations for the Mitigation of Unique Solder Separation Failure Mode S.Y. Teng, P. Peretta and P. Ton &su 1, V. Kome-ong and W. Kamanee 2  Purchase 
    Cohesive Modeling of Failure in Underfilled BGA-PCB Assemblies Under Bending Saeed Akbari, Amir Nourani, Jan K. Spelt  Purchase 
    A Study on Process, Strength and Microstructure Analysis of Low Temperature SnBi Containing Solder Pastes Mixed With Lead-Free Solder Balls Sakthi Cibi Kannammal Palaniappan and Martin.K.Anselm, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Influence of PCB Surface Features on BGA Assembly Yield Satyajit Walwadkar, Todd Harris, Bite Zhou, Aditya Vaidya, Juan Landeros, Alan McAllister  Purchase 
    The Application of Bi-Based Solders for Low Temperature Reflow to Reduce Cost While Improving SMT Yields in Client Computing Systems Scott Mokler, Ph.D., P.E., Raiyo Aspandiar, Ph.D., Kevin Byrd, Olivia Chen, Satyajit Walwadkar, Kok Kwan Tang, Mukul Renavikar and Sandeep Sane  Purchase 
    Thermal Shock and Mechanical reliability Testing of Isothermally Aged, Doped Lead Free Solder Paste Alloys Seth Gordon1, Anto Raj¹, Sharath Sridhar¹, Thomas Sanders¹, Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasambandam¹, John Evans¹, Ph.D., Fade&supl Megahed¹, Ph.D., Michael Bozack², Ph.D., Wayne Johnson³, Ph.D., Mark Carpenter&sup4, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Characterization Study of Strain Generated During Press Fit Connector Insertion in Printed Circuit Board Assembly Shane Lewis, Ph.D.¹, Asfaw Bekele¹, Tushar Tike¹ and Vineeth Bastin²  Purchase 
    Reliability Testing of Isothermally Aged Doped Low Creep Lead-Free Solder Paste Alloys Under Vibration and Shock Conditions Sharath Sridhar¹, Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasambandam¹, Seth Gordon¹, Anto Raj¹, Thomas Sanders, Ph.D.¹, John Evans, Ph.D.¹, Wayne Johnson, Ph.D.²  Purchase 
    A Study of Overcoming Solder Icicling and Copper Wire Dissolution in an Automated Lead-Free Soldering System Showalter, Chad; Sibell, Susan; Jean, Denis; Klimah, Paul; Biggs, Joe  Purchase 
    Board Level Failure Analysis and Demount Challenges for Package on Package Shu Lee Lim and Priyanka Dobriyal  Purchase 
    Effect of Solder Composition, PCB Surface Finish and Solder Joint Volume on drop Shock Reliability Shuai Shao¹, Francis Mutuku¹,², Babak Arfaei, Ph.D.², Jim Wilcox, Ph.D.²  Purchase 
    Pressure-Less Silber Sintering Pastes for Low Porosity Joint and Large Area Die Sihai Chen, Ph.D., Christine LaBarbera and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Mutli-Faceted Approach to Minimize Printed Circuit Board Warpage in Board Assembly Process Srinivasa Aravamudhan, Christopher Combs, Abhishek Prasad, and Amit Abraham  Purchase 
    The Effect of Area Shape and Area Ratio on Solder Paste Printing Performance Stefan Härter¹, Jens Niemann¹, Jörg Franke¹, Jeff Schake², Mark Whitmore³  Purchase 
    "Getting 3D Imagery In Focus" How 3D Digital Stitching Imagery is Revolutionizing Failure Analysis and Product Analysis- A User's Perspective Steve Greathouse  Purchase 
    Impact of Thermal Loading on the Structural Intergrity of 3D TSV Package Subramanian R Gowthaman, B.E., Unique Rahangdale, B.E., and DerejeAgonafer, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Miniaturization of Hearing Aid Electronics Using Embedded Die Packaging Susie Johansson & John Dzarnoski  Purchase 
    Superior Thermal Cycling Reliability of PB-Free Solder Alloy By Addition of Indium and Bismuth for Harsh Environments Takehiro Wada and Kimiaki Mori ₁, Shantanu Joshi and Roberto Garcia ₂  Purchase 
    Ultra Low Profile Copper Foil For Very Low Loss Material Thomas Devahif  Purchase 
    Advanced Board Level Modeling For Wafer Level Packages Tiao Zhou, Ph.D., Zhenxue Han, Ph.D., Tingge Xu, and Hongbing Lu, Ph.D., Kenna Wang  Purchase 
    Fill the Void Tony Lentz and Greg Smith  Purchase 
    Evaluating Rinsing Effectiveness In Spray-In-Air Cleaners Umut Tosun, M.S.Ch.E., Jigar Patel, M.S.Ch.E.  Purchase 
    New Vapor Degreasing Chemistries to Remove Difficult Lead-Free and No-Clean Fluxes Modern PCBS Venesia Hurtubise, Elizabeth Norwood, Wells Cunningham, Laura LaPlante  Purchase 
    Void Reduction In Reflow Soldering Processes By Sweep Stimulation of PCB Substrate- Process Intergration in Industrial Production Viktoria Rawinski  Purchase 
    A Standardized Reliability Evaluation Framework for Connections Vince Pascucci¹, Anne Ryan², Bob Martinson³, Ife Hsu⁴, Christian Dandl⁵, Philip Conde⁶, Benson Chan⁷, Shane Kirkbride ⁸  Purchase 
    Study on Application of Strain Measuring Technology in Board Level Assembly Process Yabing Zou, Daojun Luo, Weiming Li  Purchase 
    Solder Ball Joint Reliability With Electroless NI/PD/AU Planting-Influence of Electroless PD Plating Film Thinkness Yoshinori Ejiri, Takehisa Sakurai, Yoshinori Arayama, Yoshiaki Tsubomatsu, Kiyoshi Hasegawa  Purchase 
    Additive Manufacturing in Printed Circuit Board Assembly Processes Zohair Mehkri, David Geiger, Anwar Mohammed, Murad Kurwa  Purchase 

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