SMTA China East 2015 Proceedings

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    Enabling the Use of Pet Flexible Substrates for LED Lighting Applications Amit Patel, Rahul Raut, Ranjit Pandher, Ph.D., Ramazan Soydan, Westin Bent, Ravi Bhatkal, Ph.D., Brent Sweitzer, James Toonen, Bob Hanson (presented by William Yu)  Purchase 
    Air Quality in Data Centers: People VS. The Machines Chris Muller, Besfield Zhu, and Henry Yu  Purchase 
    DfX - Design for Excellence - How to Build a Consistent Design-to-Test Flow in Order to Deliver Defect-free PCBAs Christophe Lotz, Peter Collins, and Meng Rui  Purchase 
    SJQ and SJR Study of SMT Soldering with Low Temperature Solder Paste Colin Wang, Wu Jin-chang, Wang Xin  Purchase 
    Voiding Control Beneath Bottom Terminated Components using Solder Fortifications® Preforms Derrick Herron, Christopher Nash, Raymond Luo, Andy Wei  Purchase 
    Case Study: Tools to Assure Compatibility of Conformal Coatings and No-Clean Lead-Free Solder Pastes Emmanuelle Guene and Celine Puechagut  Purchase 
    The Risk of No-Clean Flux not Fully Dried under Component Terminations Fen Chen and Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee  Purchase 
    Reliability Threats Fine Pitch Through Hole Soldering Gerjan Diepstraten and Kar Heong Khoh  Purchase 
    The Failure Analysis of So-called Silver Leaching and Reliability Performance Study of Different Solder Alloys in Hi-Temp Hot Bar Soldering Process Henley Zhou, Isaias Daguio, Ranilo Aranda, Jumbo Huang, Jimmy Chen, RSivam VRajoo, and Murad Kurwa  Purchase 
    Surface Preparation by Plasma for Conformal Coating Jack Zhao and Johnson He  Purchase 
    Efficient Bath Monitoring through Novel Acoustic Measurement Technology Jerry Ji  Purchase 
    Key to Building Solar Panel Efficiently and Effectively John Almiranez  Purchase 
    Recent Advances in X-Ray Inspection Technology for Electronic Manufacturing Keith Bryant and Michael Tang  Purchase 
    Advanced Cleaning Fluid Design for Cleaning Highly Dense Interconnects without Attack to Exposed Metals Mike Bixenman, DBA, Haley Jones, Chelsea Jewell, and Jason Chan  Purchase 
    Moving from Inspect & Reject to Predic & Prevent Through Manufacturing Analytics Peter Guilfoyle  Purchase 
    Process Considerations in Reducing Voiding in High Reliability Lead Free Solder Joints Steve Brown, Mitch Holtzer, Gilbert Renaud (presented by William Yu)  Purchase 

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