SMTA China East 2014 Proceedings

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    Collaboration Between OEM and EMS to Combat Head on Pillowing Defects: Part 2 - Warpage Acceptance Proposal Alex Chan, Paul Brown, Richard Coyle, Lars Bruno, Anne-Kathrine Knoph, Thilo Sack, David Geiger, David Mendez, Ron Kulterman, Mulugeta Abtew, Iulia Muntele, and Kirk VanDreel  Purchase 
    Solder Paste Residue Corrosivity Assessment: Bono Test Celine Puechagut, Anne-Marie Laiigt, Emmanuelle Guene, Richard Anisko (presented by Steven Teh)  Purchase 
    Package on Package Module Assembly Process Development Chuan Xia, Charles Gui and Scott Priore  Purchase 
    Impact of Low Ag SAC Solder Pastes on BGA Solder Joint Quality Colin Wang, Wu Jin Chang, Wang Xin, Tang Kok Kwan, Raiyo F. Aspandiar  Purchase 
    The Effect of the Pre-treatment of Metal Foil on Sulfur's Corrosive Reaction Rate in Flower of Sulfur Test Applied in Electronics Dem Lee, Cheng Chih Chen, Jeffrey ChangBing Lee, Peggy Liou, Jason Jiangg, Jane Li, Karlos Guo  Purchase 
    Is High Phosphorus Content in the Nickel Layer a Root Cause for Black Pad on ENIG? Dipl.-lng. Mustafa Ozkok, Joe McGurran, and Kenneth Lee, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Low Volume n=1 Automatic Visual Inspection Dr. Jim Long, Steve Hsu, Kent Lien, Mitsuhiro Noguchi Landrex and Newly Tsuchiyama  Purchase 
    A Case Study of Production Productivity Improvement through Witness Modeling and Simulation Henley Zhou, Andy Liang, Robben Wang, Isaias Daguio, RSivam VRajoo  Purchase 
    NxTGen PoP (Shrinking the Package-on-Package) Jim Adriance, John Almiranez, and Peng Ji  Purchase 
    The Creep and Printing Behavior of Water Soluble Solder Pastes Li Tianpeng, Jorcelyn Tan Yin Ru, C. D. Breach and A. Hawkins  Purchase 
    The Special Hot Bar Soldering with Copper Balls Process Development for Mixed Signal Module Application Louis Lv, Isaias Daguio, Jumbo Huang, Henley Zhou, RSivam VRajoo, Engsiang Khor, JoJo Vigo, Dragon Chin, and Murad Kurwa  Purchase 
    Study on Microstructure of Vippo Desinged PCB in Lead Free Rework May Yan, Bendy Cai, Scott Priore  Purchase 
    Compatibility of Conformal Coatings with No Clean Flux Residue Mitch Holtzer, Karen Telefsen, Westin Bent (presented by William Yu)  Purchase 
    Jetting Solder Paste Opens Up New Possibilities in Your SMT Production Nico Coenen (presented by Sam Zhao)  Purchase 
    Cleaning Soldering Residues from High Lead Soldered PCBs Ram Wissel, Mike Bixenman and Jason Chan  Purchase 
    Complicated Board Programming for KOH Young SPI Without CAD Data File Run-Sheng Mao, Ph.D. and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Development of a Fatigue Resistant Lead-Free Alloy for High Reliability under Hood Applications Steve Brown (presented by William Yu)  Purchase 
    The Truth Behind Shop-Floor Data Capture Tony Shao  Purchase 
    Concentration Monitoring & Closed Loop Control - A Technological Advancement Umut Tosun, M.S.Chem.Eng., Axel Vargas, Jerry Ji, and BH Kim  Purchase 
    The Second Generation Shock Resistant And Thermally Reliable Low Ag SAC Solder Doped With Mn Vahid Goudarzi, Matthew Brown, Weiping Liu, Ning-Cheng Lee, and Jeffrey ChangBing Lee  Purchase 
    Voiding and Reliability of BGA Assemblies with SAC and 57Bi42Sn1Ag Alloys Van Liu, Joanna Keck, Erin Page, and Ning-Cheng Lee  Purchase 

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