Pan Pacific Symposium 2016 Proceedings

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    Corrosion Study on BGA Assemblies A. Guédon-Gracia, H. Frémont, J.-Y. and K. Weide-Zaage  Purchase 
    Graphene Nanoribbons for Next-Generation Electronics Alan Rae, Paul Clayson and Justin Clayson  Purchase 
    X-Ray Inspection Methods for Controlling PCBA Potting Process – 2DX and Partial Angle Computer Tomography Andy Liu, ChengYong Zou, Tianhui Lin, Jeff Li, CK Tan, Zhen (Jane) Feng, Ph. D., David Geiger, Sunny Liu, JP Wen, Baselec Suzhou, Jiangsu, China Jimmy Xiao, Louis Liu, and Evstatin Krastev, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Progress and Application of Through Glass Via (TGV) Technology Aric B. Shorey and Rachel Lu  Purchase 
    Roadmapping the Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain Takes a “Village” Bill Bader, Chuck Richardson and Paolo Gargini  Purchase 
    Part, Material, and Process Requirements Impact on Reliability Casey Cooper  Purchase 
    Low-Temperature and Low-Pressure Direct Copper-To-Copper Bonding By Highly (111)-Oriented Nanotwinned Cu Chih Chena,, Chien-Min Liua, Han-wen Lina, Yi-Sa Huanga, Yi-Cheng Chua, Dian-Rong Lyub, Kuan-Neng Chenb and K. N. Tuc  Purchase 
    COSIVU - Compact, Smart and Reliable Drive Unit for Fully Electric Vehicles Dag R. Andersson, Klas Brinkfeldt, Stefan Nord, Jonas Ottosson, Gorazd Lampic, Gorazd Gotovac, Olaf Zschieschang, Hauke Baumgärte, Matthias Brusius, Eberhard Kaulfersch, Florian Hilpert, Alexander Otto, and Sophia Frankeser  Purchase 
    The Return of the Red Retardant Dock Brown  Purchase 
    A Novel Piezoelectric Printhead for High Melting Point Liquid Metals Dominik Rumschoettel, Florian Künzel, Franz Irlinger and Tim C. Lueth,  Purchase 
    Formation of Metal Interconnects and Their Resistancechange Behavior during Tensile Stretching for Stretchable Packaging Applications Donghyun Park, Dae Ung Park, Kee-Sun Han, Soo Jin Shin, Hyun-Ah Oh, Tae Sung Oh, Ph.D. and Jung-Yeol Choi, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Critical Success Factors for Electronic Manufacturing Services Eddie Kobeda, Phil Isaacs and Larry Pymento  Purchase 
    X-Ray Inspection Study with Pcb Cavity Press-Fit Connectors Golden Xu, Engsiang Khor, Lea Su, Weifeng Liu, Ph. D., Zhen (Jane) Feng, Ph. D., David Geiger, Lim Lay Ngor, Wang Yun, Choo Hong Hwa, and Seow ZiYang  Purchase 
    Embedded Camera Module for Automotive Camera System Hyunho Kim and Jongtae Lee, Se-meyung Hwang, and Sangsuk Cha  Purchase 
    Effects of Molding Compound Properties on Acoustic Evaluation Of Encapsulated Microelectronic Devices Janet E. Semmens  Purchase 
    High-Density Assembly and Root Cause Analyses Jonas Sjoberg, Chris Nash, David Sbiroli and Wisdom Qu  Purchase 
    Failure Mechanisms in IGBTs Related to Voiding Keith Bryant and Thorsten Rother  Purchase 
    Recent Advances in X-Ray Technology Keith Bryant and Ragnar Vaga  Purchase 
    Improving Design Performance with System-Level Co-Design and Multi-Physics Analysis: Thermal and Stress-Aware Design for Three Dimensional Stacked IC Package Kiyohisa Hasegawa, Kazunari Koga, and Humair Mandavia  Purchase 
    Development Status of Photoresist As Mask Material for Injection Molded Solder (Ims) Technique Koichi Hasegawa, Jun Mukawa, Seiichirou Takahashi, Chihiro Kobata, Kenzo Ohkita, Shiro Kusumoto, Toyohiro Aoki, Eiji Nakamura, Takashi Hisada, Hiroyuki Mori and Yasumitsu Orii  Purchase 
    High-Density Packaging Technology Solution for Smart ICT Koukou Suu  Purchase 
    Flexibility of Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACFS) Bonded CiF(Chip In Flex) Package for Wearable Electronics Applications Kyung W. Paik, Ph.D., Ji-Hye Kim, and Young R. Kim  Purchase 
    Signal and Power Integrity Design of 2.5D HBM (High Bandwidth Memory Module) on Si Interposer Kyungjun Cho, Hyunsuk Lee, and Joungho Kim  Purchase 
    Electronic Assembly Warranties Challenge The Industry To Improve Risk Mitigation Test Methods Mark McMeen, Jason Tynes Mike Bixenman , DBA and David Lober  Purchase 
    Characterizing Materials at the Component Interface Can Improve Reliability Mike Bixenman, David Lober, Mark McMeen, and Jason Tynes  Purchase 
    An Efficient Micro Control Unit Vlsi Design for Wearable Electronics and Sensor Networks Min-Chun Tuan, Shih-Lun Chen*, Ph.D. and Ting-Lan Lin, Ph.D. and Ho-Yin Lee, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Multipurpose Lead-Free Reliability Prediction Model Olli Salmela, D.Sc.(E.E.), Jussi Putaala, D.Sc. (E.E.), Olli Nousiainen, D.Sc., Antti Uusimäki, D.Sc., Jussi Särkkä, D.Sc. and Markku Tammenmaa, D.Sc.  Purchase 
    Nano Anchoring Copper Foil for Next Generation Printed Wiring Boards Osamu Suzuki, Akito Yoshi, Hironobu Tsubura, Makiko Sato, Naoki Obata, and Yoshinobu Kokaji  Purchase 
    Interpreting Accelerated Test Results for Lead Free Solder Joints P. Borgesen, S. Hamasha, L. Wentlent, D. Watson, and C. Greene  Purchase 
    Optimising Thermo Mechanical Behaviour of Power Electronic Module Structures P. Rajaguru, C. Bailey, H. Lu  Purchase 
    New Technology, Small Footprint (9’ X 4’), Vertical Circuit Washing System for PCBAS (< 3” X 3”) Peter Fritsche  Purchase 
    What Makes No-Clean Flux Residue Benign? Phil Isaacs & Terry Munson  Purchase 
    Conformal Coating Challenges: Detection, Rework and Failure Analysis Priyanka Dobriyal, Suriyakala Ramalingam, Shu Lee Lim, and Anil Kurella  Purchase 
    Effect of Bath Contamination on Electroplated Solder Bumps Sam Lee, Marvin Bernt and Prayudi Lianto  Purchase 
    Development of Tools and Techniques for Mechanical Property Testing and Analysis of Experimental Nano Solder SammyShina, Ph.D., P.E Albert Appiah, Craig Johnson, Andrew Rugg, Matthew Sanderson and Osei Serebour  Purchase 
    Glass Interposers with Metalized Through Via Satoru Kuramoch, Sumio Koiwa, Hiroyuki Nagano, Jiro Iida,Miyuki Akazawa, Hiroshi Mawatari, Kousuke Suzuki, and Yoshitaka Fukuoka  Purchase 
    Comprehensive Correlation of Inline Inspection Data for the Evaluation of Defects in Heterogeneous Electronic Assemblies Stefan Härter, Tobias Klinger, Jörg Franke and Detlef Beer  Purchase 
    Hybrid Bonding Technology with Cu-Cu/Adhesives for High Density 2.5D/3D Integration Taiji Sakai, Nobuhiro Imaizumi and Seiki Sakuyama  Purchase 
    Mode Size Converter Designs for Fabrication of Ultra-Low Loss Optical Interconnects Terry Bowen, Jonathan Lee, Tao Ling, Jibin Sun, Haipeng Zhang  Purchase 
    Making the Connections in Electronic Circuitry- The Continuing Evolution of Joining Technologies Tetsuro Nishimura  Purchase 
    Joining of Pure Copper Using Cu Nanoparticles Derived from CuO Paste Tomoyuki Fujimoto, Tomo Ogura, Tomokazu Sano, and Akio Hirose  Purchase 
    Near-Field Scan Tools for Embedded Electronic Analysis Tristan Dubois, Geneviève Duchamp, Julien Weckbrodt, and Stephane  Purchase 
    A Design for Highly Robust AlCu - W-Plug – Metallization Stack V. Hein, M. Ackermann, M. Erstling, J. and K. Weide-Zaage  Purchase 
    AlCu- Metal Heater for Interconnect Monitoring Test Structures Verena Hein and Marco Erstling  Purchase 
    Advanced Interconnect Technologies in the Era of Cognitive Computing Yasumitsu Orii, Akihiro Horibe, Keiji Matsumoto, Toyohiro Aoki, Kuniaki Sueoka, Sayuri Kohara, Keishi Okamoto, Shintaro Yamamichi, Kohji Hosokawa and Hiroyuki Mori  Purchase 
    Directly Attached Airbag Sensor Packaging For Automobiles Yeong K. Kim, Ph.D., Hyunjin Kang and Joon Ki Kim, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Fine-Pitch Chip-on-Flex Packaging of Optoelectronic Devices Using Low Temperature Optodic Bonding Yixiao Wanga, Melanie Gauchb, Detlev Ristaub, and Ludger Overmeyera,  Purchase 
    Piezoelectric Materials for High Performance Energy Harvesting Devices Young-Ku Jin, Subrata Sarker, Ki-Seong Lee, Hyun Woo Seo, Dong Min Kim  Purchase 

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