SMTA International 2015 Proceedings

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    Rosin Vs. Non-Rosin Wave Flux - Which Creates More Reliable Electronic Assemblies? Adam Murling and Ron Lasky, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Thermo-Mechanical Warpage and Stress Simulation for 2.5D and 3D IC Packaging Akash Agrawal, Guilian Gao, Bongsub Lee, Laura Mirkarimi, Sitaram Arkalgud  Purchase 
    There Is No Instant Pudding - Understanding the Roles Test Plays in Managing the Quality of Electronic Printed Circuit Board Assemblies Alan Albee  Purchase 
    Effect of Test Specimen on Fracture Behavior of Lead-Free Solder Joints Amir Nourani, Saeed Akbari, Jan K. Spelt  Purchase 
    Quantifying Qualitative Attributes of Cored Solder Wire in LED Luminaire Soldering - Part I Amit Patel, Steve Prokopiak, Nicholas Herrick, Bin Mo, Rahul Raut, Ranjit Pandher, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Plasma Based VOC-Free Fluxing for Selective and Wave Soldering Andreas Reinhardt, Ph.D. and Sonja Wege, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Thermal Shock Reliability Test On Multiple Doped Low Creep Lead Free Solder Paste And Solder Ball Grid Array Packages Anto Raj, Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasambandam, Thomas Sanders, Sharath Sridhar, John Evans, Ph.D., Michael Bozack, Ph.D., and Wayne Johnson, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Solder Joint Fatigue Characterization of DDR3 SDRAMS and Other Advanced BGA Packaging Memory Types Arnaud Grivon, Damien Baudet, Michel Brizoux, Aurélien Lecavelier, and Wilson Maia  Purchase 
    Wise and Icarus: New X-Ray Algorithms to Improve the Detection of Counterfeit Components Bill Cardoso, Ph.D., Glen Thomas, Ph.D., Griffin Lemaster, Carlos Valenzuela, Brian Wagner, Tom Gasaway, and Jesse Squire  Purchase 
    Advanced Closed Loop Process Control for Selective Soldering Bob Klenke  Purchase 
    Improved SMT and BLR of 0.35mm Pitch Wafer Level Packages Brian Roggeman and Beth Keser  Purchase 
    Defining Mechanical Load Limits for Thermal Solutions on High Performance FCBGA Packages Brian Roggeman, Jiantao Zheng, Mark Schwarz, and Ahmer Syed  Purchase 
    Reactivity of No-Clean Flux Residues in Electronic Assemblies: A Systematic Study Bruno Tolla, Ph.D., Denis Jean, Hemal Bhavsar, Yanrong Shi, Ph.D., Xiang Wei, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Solder-Joint Reliability of 0.8mm BGA Packages for Automotive Applications Burton Carpenter and Thomas Koschmieder  Purchase 
    Wearable Electronics & Big Data = High Volume, High Mix SMT! Charles E. Bauer, Ph.D. & Herbert J. Neuhaus, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Assembly Challenges for 2.5D and 3D IC Packaging Charles G. Woychik, Guilian Gao, Cyprian Uzoh, Hong Shen, Liang Wang, Sangil Lee, Roseann Alatorre, Scott McGrath, Mohamed Elassar and Sitaram Arkalgud  Purchase 
    Multi-Array PCB Traceability System Christoph Wimmer  Purchase 
    Determination of Total Halogen Content in Halogen-Free Fluxes by Inductively Coupled Plasma and Some Limitations of Ion Chromatography Christopher J. Pontius, George Kraeger, Ron Lasky, Ph.D., P.E.  Purchase 
    Video Analysis of Solder Paste Release from Stencils Chrys Shea, Mike Bixenman, D.B.A., Wayne Raney, and Ray Whittier  Purchase 
    Long Term Aging Effects on the Reliability of Lead Free Solder Joints in Ball Grid Array Packages with Various Pitch Sizes and Ball Alignments Cong Zhao, Chaobo Shen, Zhou Hai, Jiawei Zhang, M. J. Bozack, and J. L. Evans  Purchase 
    European Union RoHS Leaded Solder Exemption Update Curtis Grosskopf, Marie S. Cole, Pam Lembke, Jeff Lagler, and Kurt Van der Herten  Purchase 
    Optimization of X-Ray Inspection for Solder Charge Connectors David Geiger, Zhen (Jane) Feng, Ph. D., Jennifer Nguyen, Weifeng Liu, Ph.D., Anwar Mohammed, Murad Kurwa, Golden Xu, Lea Su, and George Tint, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Voiding Control Beneath Bottom Terminated Components Using Solder Fortification® Preforms Derrick Herron, Christopher Nash, Raymond Luo, Andy Wei  Purchase 
    The Return of the Red Retardant Dock Brown, CRE  Purchase 
    Development and Characterization of Solder Pastes Based on Two Alternative Alloys: Bismuth-Tin-Silver (BiSn42Ag0.4-1%) for Low Temperature and Tin-Antimony (SnSb5-8.5) for High Temperature Emmanuelle Guéné  Purchase 
    Determining the Effect of Water Quality on Cleaning Effectiveness Eric Camden  Purchase 
    Ultrathin Fluoropolymer Coatings to Mitigate Damage of Printed Circuit Boards Due to Environmental Exposure Erik Olson, Molly Smith, Greg Marszalek, Karl Manske, Nikesh Dhar  Purchase 
    Using Manufacturing Analytics as a Competitive Strategy Farid Anani, M.S.E.E., MBA, and Jay Gorajia, B.Sc.E.E., MBA  Purchase 
    Evaluation of High Reliability Reworkable Edge Bond Adhesives for BGA Applications Fei Xie, Ph.D., Han Wu, Daniel F. Baldwin, Ph.D., Swapan Bhattacharya, Ph.D., Kelley Hodge, and Qing Ji, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    WLCSP and BGA Reworkable Underfill Evaluation and Reliability Fei Xie, Ph.D., Han Wu, Daniel F. Baldwin, Ph.D., Swapan Bhattacharya, Ph.D., Kelley Hodge, Qing Ji, Ph.D., and Ben Bo  Purchase 
    The Risk and Solution for No-Clean Flux Not Fully Dried under Component Terminations Fen Chen and Ning Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Final Finish Specifications Overview IPC Plating Subcommittee 4-14 George Milad  Purchase 
    Achieving Repeatable, Consistent Control over the Selective Production Process Gerjan Diepstraten  Purchase 
    On the Smart Move: Industry 4.0 in Electronics Production Günter Schindler  Purchase 
    Testing Printed Circuit Boards for Creep Corrosion in Flowers of Sulfur Chamber: Phase 2 Haley Fu, Prabjit Singh, Aamir Kazi, Wallace Ables, Dem Lee, Jeffrey Lee, Karlos Guo, Jane Li, Simon Lee and Geoffrey Tong  Purchase 
    Isothermal Fatigue of High Temperature Solder Joints Harry Schoeller, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Thermo-Mechanical Evaluation of Alternative Pb-Free Die Attach Materials Harry Schoeller, Ph.D., Sandeep Mallampati, and Junghyun Cho, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    The Quantitative Assessment of Mixed BGA Joint with the Elimination of Low-Melting Point Alloy Re-Melting Process Hongqin Wang, Guanghui He and Daojun Luo  Purchase 
    Are You Leveraging Unit Level Traceability Fully? James Trego and Kirk Griffin  Purchase 
    Board, Package and Die Thickness Effects under Thermal Cycling Conditions Jean-Paul Clech  Purchase 
    Design Considerations in the Use of Phase Change Materials in Data Center Cooling Jeff Luttrell, Abhishek Guhe, and Dereje Agonafer, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Assessment of Thermal Pastes for Use in Space Electronics Jeffrey Marcus Jennings, Susan M. Marlowe, and Peter F. Ruggiero  Purchase 
    The Future of Nanotechnology in Electronics Assembly and the Investigation of Nano-Coating Materials for Water Resistant Applications Jennifer Nguyen, David Geiger, Anwar Mohammed and Murad Kurwa  Purchase 
    Harsh Environment Reliability of Micro-Leadframe (QFN) Components and Conformal Coating Effects Jim Wilcox, Michael Meilunas, and Martin Anselm  Purchase 
    A Packaging Physics of Failure Based Testing Methodology for Semiconductor IC Part Reliability Assessment Jingsong Xie, Ming Sun, and Fei Xie  Purchase 
    Evaluating the Effects of Plasma Treatment Prior to Conformal Coating on Electronic Assemblies to Enhance Conformity of Coverage John D. Vanderford, MSEE, Ann E. Paxton, and Dave Selestak  Purchase 
    A Selected Comparison from ATC Test: Industry Progress from 2005 to Present Day John McMahon, Russell Brush, and Brian Standing  Purchase 
    Reliability Improvements by the Creation of Intermetallic Connections Jörg Trodler, Dipl.-Ing. and Dr. Ing. Habil Heinz Wohlrabe  Purchase 
    Avionics Vibration Durability Between Tin-Lead and Lead-Free Solder Interconnects Joseph M. Juarez, Jr., Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Innovating the Microstructure of Polyurethane Conformal Coatings for Tin Whisker Mitigation Junghyun Cho, Suraj Maganty, and Stephan J. Meschter  Purchase 
    SIR and ECM Testing of Soldering Materials vs. Soldering Processes Karen Tellefsen, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Evolution of the Performance and Reliability Requirements of Soldering Fluxes Karl Seelig and Timothy O'Neill  Purchase 
    Development of Low Cost and High Pin Count Wafer Level Packaging Karthik Thambidurai, Viren Khandekar, Tiao Zhou Ph.D. and Kaysar Rahim Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Man vs. Machine Keith Bryant and Thorsten Rother  Purchase 
    The Effects of Phosphorus in Lead-Free Solders Keith Sweatman, Takatoshi Nishimura and Takuro Fukami  Purchase 
    Advanced Analysis of Package-on-Package Interconnect Gaps During Reflow Assembly Ken Chiavone  Purchase 
    Development of Advanced Embedded Die Modules for Power Electronics Applications Lars Boettcher, Stefan Karaszkiewicz, Dionysios Manessis and Andreas Ostmann  Purchase 
    Controlling Copper Roughness to Enhance Surface Finish Performance Lenora Toscano and Ernest Long, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Challenges of SMT Assembly of PoP Packages Lilia May, Rajen S. Sidhu, Chang Lin, Srinivasa R. Aravamudhan, Pubudu Goonetilleke, Huiyang Fei, Satyajit S. Walwadkar, Katherine J. Downes  Purchase 
    Alternative Methods for Cross-Sectioning of SMT and PCB Related Architectures Manuel J. Solis  Purchase 
    The Development of a 0.3mm Pitch CSP Assembly Process Part 2: Assembly & Reliability Mark Whitmore and Jeff Schake  Purchase 
    High Efficient Heat Dissipation on Printed Circuit Boards Markus Wille  Purchase 
    CGA Trends and Capabilities Marti McCurdy, Isabel de Sousa, Robert Martel and Alain Lessard  Purchase 
    CCGA - Solder Column Attachment for Absorbing Large CTE Mismatch Martin Hart  Purchase 
    A Lower Temperature Solder Joint Encapsulant for Sn/Bi Applications Mary Liu, Ph.D. and Wusheng Yin, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Peak Temperature Limitation of Electronic Assemblies with Phase Change Materials Mathias Nowottnick, Andrej Novikov, Daniel Lexow  Purchase 
    Via-In-Pad Plated Over (VIPPO) Design Considerations for Enterprise Server and Storage Hardware Matt Kelly, Mark Jeanson, Timothy Younger, Jim Bielick, Theron Lewis, and Mitch Ferrill  Purchase 
    Sulfur Corrosion of Printed Circuit Board Surface Finishes in Three Different Sulfur-Rich Environments Matthew D. Weeks, Ph.D., David J. Zueck  Purchase 
    Effect of Bi Content on Properties of Low Silver SAC Solders Mehran Maalekian, Ph.D., Yuan Xu, and Karl Seelig  Purchase 
    Lean Flow on the SMT Factory Floor Michael Ford  Purchase 
    A Different Perspective on Solder Paste Printing: Perfecting the Print Process with Practical Solutions Michael J. Cieslinski and Brent A. Fischthal  Purchase 
    Metallization and Surface Finish Effects on Pb-Free WLCSP Thermal Cycle Reliability Michael Meilunas and Jim Wilcox  Purchase 
    Cleanliness Makes a Difference When Miniaturization Kicks In Mike Bixenman, DBA, David Lober, Mark McMeen and Jason Tynes  Purchase 
    Electronic Assembly Pitting / Crevice Corrosion Research Mike Bixenman, DBA, Wallace Ables, Richard Kraszewski, Chin Siang Kelvin Tan, Julie Silk, Keith Howell, Takatoshi Nishimura, Jim Hartzell, Karl Sauter, and Robert Smith  Purchase 
    Nickel Hydroxide Corrosion Residues on Metallized Ni/Au Ceramic Packages Minerva M. Cruz and Russell T. Winslow  Purchase 
    In House Dross Recovery- Do You Know What You Are Putting Back in Your Solder Bath? Mitch Holtzer and Jason Fullerton  Purchase 
    Comprehensive Report on Low Temperature Solder Alloys for Portable Electronics Morgana Ribas, Ph.D., Anil Kumar, Ranjit Pandher, Ph.D., Rahul Raut, Sutapa Mukherjee, Siuli Sarkar, Ph.D. and Bawa Singh, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Factors Impacting the Reliability of Ultralow Silver Lead Free Alloys Neil Poole, Ph.D., Brian J. Toleno, Ph.D., and Mark Curie, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Epoxy Flux Material and Process for Enhancing Electrical Interconnections Neil Poole, Ph.D., Elvira Vasquez, and Brian J. Toleno, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Mechanical Shock and Drop Reliability Evaluation of the BGA Solder Joint Stack-Ups Formed by Reflow Soldering SAC Solder Balls BGAs with BiSnAg and Resin Reinforced BiSn-Based Solder Pastes Olivia H. Chen, Al Molina, Raiyo Aspandiar, Kevin Byrd, Scott Mokler, and Kok Kwan Tang  Purchase 
    Long Term Monitoring and Failure Detection of Tin Whiskers Bridging Adjacent Leads on SOIC Components Owen Thomas, Chris Hunt, Martin Wickham and Kate Clayton  Purchase 
    Establishing a Ti-Cu-Pt-Au Thin Film – On – Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) Technology for High Temperature Electronics P. Vianco, J. Rejent, M. Grazier, A. Kilgo, B. McKenzie, A. Allen, E. Guerrero and W. Price  Purchase 
    Thermal Mechanical Fatigue of a 56 I/O Plastic Quad-Flat Nolead (PQFN) Package Paul Vianco, Ph.D., and Michael K Neilsen, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Characterization of Conformal Coatings Prabjit Singh  Purchase 
    Deformation and Strain Measurements in Operational Electronics Using X-Ray Micro-CT and Digital Volume Correlation Pradeep Lall and Junchao Wei  Purchase 
    Corrosion and Contaminant Diffusion Multi-Physics Model for Copper-Aluminum Wirebonds in High Temperature High Humidity Environments Pradeep Lall, Yihua Luo, and Luu Nguyen  Purchase 
    Development of Lead-Free Alloys with Ultra-High Thermomechanical Reliability Pritha Choudhury, Ph.D., Morgana Ribas, Ph.D., Ranjit Pandher, Ph.D., Anil Kumar, Sutapa Mukherjee, Siuli Sarkar, Ph.D., Bawa Singh, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    On-Board Package Decapsulation Techniques for Failure Analysis Priyanka Dobriyal, Anil Kurella, and Suzi Southwick  Purchase 
    High-Volume-Manufacturing (HVM) of BVA Enabled Advanced Package-On-Package (POP) Rajesh Katkar, Ashok S. Prabhu and Wael Zohni  Purchase 
    Ensuring Performance and Reliability of High Temperature Electronics through Thermally Stable Parylene HT at Nano/Micro Levels Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Connector Design for Wearables Randy Schueller, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    iNEMI Pb-Free Alloy Characterization Project Report: Part IX - Summary of the Effect of Isothermal Preconditioning on Thermal Fatigue Life Richard Coyle, Richard Parker, Joe Smetana, Elizabeth Benedetto, Keith Howell, Keith Sweatman, Weiping Liu, Michael Osterman, Julie Silk, Aileen Allen, Mitch Holtzer, Rafael Padilla, and Tomoyasu Yoshikawa  Purchase 
    Assessing Backward Compatible Solder Joint Reliability under Standard and Mildly Accelerated Test Conditions Richard Coyle, Vasu Vasudevan, Raiyo Aspandiar, Iulia Muntele, Steve Tisdale, Peter Read, Richard Popowich, and Debra Fleming  Purchase 
    Direct Metallization System for Flexible Printed Circuit Board Rita Mohanty, Albert Angstenberger, Melanie Rischka, Han Verbunt  Purchase 
    Eleminating False Positive ICT Response through the Use of Organic-Metal Final Finish Rita Mohanty, John Fudala, Sathiya Narayana  Purchase 
    Comparing PCB Surface Finishes and their Assembly Process Compatibility Rob Rowland and Ray Prasad  Purchase 
    Board Level Reliability Comparison of BGA and LGA Packages Mounted to an LGA Footprint Motherboard Robert Darveaux, Howard Chen, Shaul Branchevsky, Bhuvaneshwaran Vijayakumar, Ben Zarkoob, Wyatt Huddleston, Christopher J. Berry, Fenimore Chen  Purchase 
    Key Technical Challenges And Process Improvements For An Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider Robert Farrell, Bruce Tostevin, Rick Wyman, Paymon Adl-zarabi  Purchase 
    The Impact of Improper Conformal Coating Processes on BGA Solder Joint Integrity Ross Wilcoxon, Dave Hillman, Doug Pauls, Dan White  Purchase 
    Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) Nanoparticle Enhanced Conformal Coating Project: Coating Modeling For Tin Whisker Mitigation S. McKeown, S. Meschter, P. Snugovsky, J. Kennedy, Z. Bagheri, J. Keeping, J. Cho, D. Edwards and K. Elsken  Purchase 
    Bending Strength of Solder Joints as a Function of Joint Length Saeed Akbari, Amir Nourani, Jan K. Spelt  Purchase 
    Agile Scrum Methods For Cross Functional Product Development Scott Gleason  Purchase 
    Assembly Process Development for a 14mmx14mm Bond Via Array (BVA) Package-On-Package (POP) Shane M. Lewis Ph.D., Tushar Tike, Charles G. Woychik, Ph.D., Ashok Prabhu, and Vineeth Bastin  Purchase 
    Evaluation of the Stencil Printing for Highly Miniaturized SMT Components with 03015mm in Size Stefan Härter, Jörg Franke, and Carmina Läntzsch  Purchase 
    Innovative BGA Defect Detection Method for Transient Discontinuity Steven Perng, Weidong Xie, Tae-Kyu Lee, and Cherif Guirguis  Purchase 
    The Corrosion Failure Risk Assessment of Memory Module at Data Center in Harsh Environmental Conditions Sungwon Han, Yuchul Hwang, Biao Cai and Marie Cole  Purchase 
    A New Method of Increasing the Reliability of Lead-Free Solder Takatoshi Nishimura, Keith Sweatman, Akira Kita, Shuhei Sawada  Purchase 
    Critical Parameters of a No Clean Process Terry Munson  Purchase 
    Component Level Reliability for High Temperature Power Computing with SAC305 and Alternative High Reliability Solders Thomas Sanders, Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasambandam, John Evans, Ph.D., Michael Bozack, Ph.D., Wayne Johnson, Ph.D., and Jeff Suhling, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Addressing High Precision Automated Optical Inspection Challenges with Unique 3D Technology Solution Todd Liberty and Tim Skunes  Purchase 
    Reducing Labor Content As A Strategy To Improve Competitiveness - An Analysis That Addresses The Value Of Designing For Automation And An Empirical Analysis That Exploits The Automation Using Meta Process Control Tom Borkes and Lawrence Groves  Purchase 
    Formulation of a New Liquid Flux for High Temperature Soldering Tony Lentz  Purchase 
    The Impact of P Content in Pd Deposit for Solder Joint Reliability and Wire Bonding Reliability of ENEPIG Deposits Tsuyoshi Maeda, Shinsuke Wada, Katsuhisa Tanabe, Yukinori Oda, Shigeo Hashimoto, Don Gudeczauskas and George Milad  Purchase 
    Impact of Multiple Thermal Cycles on the Cleaning Process Umut Tosun, M.S.Ch.E. and Jigar Patel, M.S.Ch.E.  Purchase 
    An Attempt to Study the MFG Test Pollutant Chemistry Effect to Match Filed Data Vasu Vasudevan, Karumbu Meyyappan, Anil Kurella, Karl Pazdernik and Balu Pathangey  Purchase 
    Digital Image Correlation Using High Magnification Optical Microscopy W. Carter Ralph, Cheri B. Moss, Kevin B. Connolly  Purchase 
    Detection of Pad Crater Initiation in Shock Using Acoustic Emission Detection W. Carter Ralph, Gregory N. Morscher, Elizabeth Elias Benedetto, Keith Newman, Aileen Allen, and Julie Silk  Purchase 
    Applying Lean Philosophies to Supply Chain Management in EMS Wally Johnson  Purchase 
    Novel Lead-Free Solder Alloys Development for Automotive Applications Weiping Liu, Ph.D. and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Low Voiding, High Reliability Solder Paste for Automotive, LED and Other Demanding Applications Westin Bent, Rahul Raut, Michael Liberatore, Tek Ong, and Morgana Ribas  Purchase 
    Partially-Activated Flux Residue Influence on Surface Insulation Resistance of Electronic Assembly Xiang Wei, Ph.D., Kyle Loomis, Jennifer Allen, Bruno Tolla, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Influence of Surface Finishes and Solder Alloys on Solder Ball Joint Reliability Yoshinori Ejiri, Takaaki Noudou, Takehisa Sakurai, Yoshinori Arayama, Yoshiaki Tsubomatsu, Kiyoshi Hasegawa  Purchase 
    Fatigue Life Estimation of Electroplated Through Hole in PWB by FEM with Thin Cu Material Properties Yoshiyuki Hiroshima, Shunichi Kikuchi, Akiko Matsui, Yoshiharu Kariya, Ph.D., Naoyuki Yajima, Kizuku Obinata, Hiroshi Shimizu, and Kazuhiko Nakamura  Purchase 

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