Pan Pacific Symposium 2015 Proceedings

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    Depaneling of Circuit Boards Ahne Oosterhof and Thomas Nether  Purchase 
    Package Level Reliability Study of a Module-In-A-Package (MIP) Assembly Ajinkya P. Ranade, Ross Havens, Krishnaswami (Hari) Srihari, PhD., Ganesh Pandiarajan, Satyanarayan (Satya) Iyer, PhD.  Purchase 
    Rare Earth Recovery from Electronic Materials Alan Rae  Purchase 
    Design and Optimization of CMOS-Compatible Silicon Nanowires Based Biosensor Anran Gao, Na Lu, Pengfei Dai, Yuelin Wang and Tie Li  Purchase 
    Decision Making Model for the Emerging Nanotechnologies Audré Dixon, DHA and Kewal K. Verma, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Influence of Microalloying Elements on Reliability of SnAgCu Solder Joints Babak Arfaei, Francis Mutuku, Richard Coyle, Eric Cotts  Purchase 
    2015 iNEMI Technology Roadmap Overview Bill Bader and Chuck Richardson  Purchase 
    Power Conversion Trends That Will Impact System Packaging and Assembly Carl Blake  Purchase 
    COOL Substrate for Power and Performance Charles Lin, Ph.D., Nick Wang and Jerry Tan  Purchase 
    A Novel Die Sawed Trench Structure for Warpage Reduction in WLP Process Chunsheng Zhu, Gaowen Xu, Le Luo  Purchase 
    Smart System Integration: Moulding of Magnetic Field Sensors into AlSi9Cu3(Fe)-Alloys D. Klaas, A. Wienecke, M.C. Wurz, L. Rissing, P. Freytag, H.J. Maier  Purchase 
    Interconnection of Electrically Conductive Textile Fibers for Application in Smart Textiles Dag Andersson, Erik Nilsson, and Göran Wetter  Purchase 
    The X-Ray Metrology of TSVs and Wafer Bumps David Bernard, John Tingay, Philip Moyse, Simon White, Evstatin Krastev & Will Heeley  Purchase 
    The Astute Use of Commercial Off The Shelf Components Dock Brown, CRE  Purchase 
    3D IC Stack Characterization Using Multi-Scale X-Ray Tomography Ehrenfried Zschech, Sven Niese, Markus Löffler, Markus Gall, M. Jürgen Wolf  Purchase 
    Intermetallics Issues and Challenges in 2.5/3D Assembly Microjoints F. Batieha, F. Feyissa, S. Hamasha, S. Shirazi, L. Wentlent, P. Ogutu, N. Dimitrov, E. Fey, and P. Borgesen  Purchase 
    Deposition of Solder Paste into High Density Cavity Assemblies Fernando Coma Martinez, Jeffrey Kennedy, Thilo Sack  Purchase 
    Effect of Pad Design, Solder Paste Type and Stencil Printer on Fine Pitch Printing Ganesh Pandiarajan, Satyanarayan (Satya) Iyer, Ajinkya P. Ranade, Ross Havens, and Krishnaswami (Hari) Srihari  Purchase 
    Simulations and Measurements to Predict EMC Characteristics in Electronic Assemblies: Obsolescence Management Geneviève Duchamp, Tristan Dubois, Hélène Frémont  Purchase 
    Low Cost TSV (Through-Silicon-Vias) Technologies Gu-Sung Kim  Purchase 
    Three Micron Lines and Spaces on Printed Circuit Boards Hajime Tomokage  Purchase 
    Latest Topics of 2.1D/2.5D IC Integration and Challenges Henry H. Utsunomiya  Purchase 
    DC Power: Rebellion or Revolution Herbert J. Neuhaus, Ph.D. and Charles E. Bauer, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    System I/O Optimization with SOC, SIP, PCB Co-Design Humair Mandavia and Kazunari Koga  Purchase 
    Device Embedded Substrate with Embedding Multi Passive Components for Camera Module Hyunho Kim, Ph.D., Jongtae Lee, Minjoon Kim, Se-meyung Hwang, and Sangsuk Cha  Purchase 
    Memory Markets and Applications: Future Outlook Il Ung Kim, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    The Effects of Bath Conditions on Electroless Nickel-Iron Alloy Plating for UBM Applications Ja-Kyung Koo and Jae-Ho Lee  Purchase 
    Enhanced Analysis and Imaging Methods for High Resolution Acoustic Micro Imaging of Flip Chip Devices Janet E. Semmens  Purchase 
    Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of PCB Laminates Jing Zhang, Jason T. Wertz, Joseph P. Kuczynski, and Dylan J. Boday  Purchase 
    The Role of Big Data in Health and Biomedical Research John Quackenbush  Purchase 
    Harsh Marine Environment - Toward Corrosion Simulation K. Weide-Zaage, A. Moujbani, H. Frémont, A. Guedon-Gracia  Purchase 
    Self-Powered Flexible Large Scale Integration (F-LSI) Keon Jae Lee, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    The Impact of Recent Counterfeit Mitigation Standards and US DFAR's on The Supply Chain Kevin Sink  Purchase 
    Modeling and Fabrication of a SIC-Based Power Module with Double Sided Cooling Klas Brinkfeldt, Michael Edwards, Dag Andersson, Klaus Neumaier, Olaf Zschieschang, Florian Hilpert, Alexander Otto, and Eberhard Kaulfeich  Purchase 
    Advanced Integration Technologies - Challenges and Solutions Concerning Cyber-Physical Systems Klaus-Dieter Lang, Harald Pötter, Ivan Ndip, Michael Töpper, Karl-Friedrich Becker, Tanja Braun, Jan Hefer, Carsten Brokmann, Jürgen Wolf, Andreas Ostmann, Maik Hampicke  Purchase 
    ACFS Interconnection Technology for Wearable Electronics Packaging Kyung W. Paik, Tae-Hwan Kim, Ji-Hye Kim and Young R. Kim  Purchase 
    Component Engineering and Correct Design of Electronic Devices Lev Shapiro, M.Sc. E.E.  Purchase 
    3D Integration: Status, Challenges and Requirements M. Juergen Wolf and Klaus-Dieter Lang  Purchase 
    Hybrid Bonding for 3D Integration Markus Wimplinger, Florian Kurz, Thomas Wagenleitner, Thomas Plach, Thomas Uhrmann, Bernhard Rebhan, Günther Weidlinger  Purchase 
    Development of Micro Gold Bump Joints Technology for 3D IC Chip Stacking Masashiro Aoyagi, Fumito Imura, Naoya Watanabe, Shunsuke Nemoto, Wei Feng, Katsuya Kikuchi, Hiroshi Nakagawa  Purchase 
    Patient Connected Health: The Digital Domain Matthew K. Hudes  Purchase 
    Hybrid Packaging of Circuits and Devices onto Flexible Screen Printed Electical Interconnects Meriem Akin, Joe Corea, Simon Scott, Ana Claudia Arias, Marc Wurz, Lutz Rissing  Purchase 
    High Resolution Scanning Acoustic Microscopy for Inspection and Failure Analysis of 3D System Integration Technologies Peter Czurratis, Tatjana Djuric, Peter Hoffrogge, Sebastian Brand, Sebastian Tismer, Matthias Petzold  Purchase 
    The Use of No-Clean Flux Phil Isaacs, Dave Braun, Jing Zhang, and Eddie Kobeda  Purchase 
    Interposers, Interconnections and Assembly Technologies Rao R. Tummala, Qiao Chen, Fuhan Liu, Venky Sundaram, and Vanessa Smet  Purchase 
    Innovation in Entrepreneurship Education Robin Anderson, Ed.D. and Mike Tae-In Eom, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    The Benefits of Small Package Size for RF Applications Roy Starks  Purchase 
    A Nanocopper Based Alternative to High Temperature Solder S. Hamasha, A. Sharma, B. Schnabl, L. Cheng, L. Desir, K. Bretz, L. Wentlent, A. A. Zinn, J.Beddow, K. Schnabl, E. Hauptfleisch, D. Blass, and P. Borgesen  Purchase 
    The Reliability of 1 Mil Au Wire Bonds to Different Pad Opening Shapes, Sizes and Locations Salvatore T. Napoli, Daryl Santos, Ross Havens and Krishnaswami Srihari  Purchase 
    3D Packaging for Mobile and Wearable Electronics Shen-Li Fu, Wei-Chung Lo & Jia-Jung Wang  Purchase 
    Interposer Packaging Technologies for Optical Interconnects Terry Bowen, Sandeep Razdan, Jibin Sun  Purchase 
    Field Returns of Electronic Hardware – No Trouble Found (NTF) Returns Why? Terry Munson  Purchase 
    New Technology Waterless Cleaning Approach for High Density Assemblies and Power Electronics Tom Forsythe, Mike Bixenman, DBA, Ram Wissel, and Ryan Hulse, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Progress in 3D Memory IC And 3D Intergration Wei Koh, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Application of Novel Dopamine-Polypyrrole Nanofibers for Electrically Conductive Adhesives Wei Zhang, Behnam Meschi Amoli, Jeffrey d'Eon, Boxin Zhao, and Alex Chen  Purchase 
    Paving the Way to 3D: from Passive to Active Interposers Yann Lamy, Ph.D.  Purchase 
    Perspective on Required Packaging Technologies for Cognitive Computing Devices Yasumitsu Orii  Purchase 
    Piezoelectric Thin Film of Sodium Niobate for Energy Harvesting Devices Young-Ku Jin, Subrata Sarker, Ki-Seong Lee, Hyun Woo Seo, Dong Min Kim  Purchase 
    Fabrication of Micro-Pattern on Flexible Substrate Using Pulsed Electroplating Techniques Yu-Jung Huang, Wei-Han Huang and Shen-Li Fu  Purchase 

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