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Authors: Ron Bauer and James Malatesta
Company: Intel Corporation
Date Published: 1/1/1999   Volume: 12-1

Abstract: Chip Scale Packages (CSPs), such as the microBGA* package, have enabled a new generation of very small consumer products. There has been rapid acceptance of chip scale packages, mostly fueled by mobile telecommunications products. Intel Corporation has qualified and has been in high volume production of Flash Memory devices in the microBGA* package since mid-1997. This paper will show quality and reliability test results for these packages.

The rapid acceptance of CSPs and microBGA* packages, combined with decreasing design and prototyping cycles, makes design and manufacturing tools a much more important part of the total end-product solution. Design tools simplify the product development process and decrease time-to-market for products. Manufacturing tools address areas of concern in the high volume manufacturing process, such as PCB assembly component rework. This paper will also discuss design, debug, and manufacturing tools that are available for microBGA.

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