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Correlation of Aging Effects on Creep Rate and Reliability in Lead Free Solder Joints

Authors: Jiawei Zhang, Zhou Hai, Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasambandam, John L. Evans, M. J. Bozack, Richard Sesek, Yifei Zhang, J. C. Suhling
Company: Center for Advanced Vehicle and Extreme Environment Electronics (CAVE3) Auburn University
Date Published: 7/30/2012   Volume: 25-3

Abstract: Electronics assemblies containing solder joints are often exposed to elevated temperatures for prolonged periods of time. The time-at-temperature stress impacts the overall package reliability of the assembled circuitry due to evolving materials, microstructural, and mechanical properties. It is especially important to understand the impact of isothermal aging on the long term behavior of lead (Pb)-free solder joints which operate in harsh environments. In this study, we have explored the effects of elevated temperature isothermal aging on the reliability of Sn-Ag-Cu (SAC) assemblies on board level packages. As the isothermal aging temperature increases, the Weybull characteristic lifetime for SAC 105 and 305 solder joints is drastically reduced compared to Sn-37Pb.In parallel mechanical studies on bulk solder specimens, the creep rate for SAC105, 305 rapidly increases with aging. A full test matrix with varying aging temperatures and solder alloys was considered. Package sizes ranged from 19mm, 0.8mm pitch ball grid arrays (BGAs) to 5mm, 0.4mm pitch µBGAs. In addition, 0.65mm MLF and 2512 resistors were tested. The test structures were built on three different board finishes (ImSn, ImAg and SnPb). Storage condition temperatures were 25°C, 55°C, 85°C and 125°C with aging over time periods of 0, 6, and 12 months.


creep rate, reliability, lead-free solder joints

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