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SMTA Silicon Valley Chapter

Welcome to the SMTA Silicon Valley Chapter!

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SMTAI Virtual Road Trip: Chapter Officer's Meeting
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Group Feed
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Board Liaison
Robert Boguski, Datest Corporation
Marketing Advisor
Regina Lathrop, Datest Corporation
Jasbir Bath, Bath Consultancy
Nick Iwata, Epson Micro Devices
Technical Advisor
Robert Boguski, Datest Corporation
Technical Advisor
Priyanka Dobriyal Ph.D., Intel Corporation
Technical Advisor
Ridhi Kantelal, Arch Systems
Technical Advisor
Siva Sivasankar, Google Inc.
Technical Advisor
Brian Toleno Ph.D., Facebook
Technical Advisor
Dennis Willie Sr., Flex
Brian Carey, Innovative Capital Resources NC, Inc.
Vice President
Kevin McClay, Captec
VP of Membership
Michelle Ogihara, Seika Machinery, Inc.
VP of Technical Programs
Lawrence Redican, CID Consulting