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SMTA Virtual Road Trip: Chapter Officer's Meeting
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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Himansu Patra registered for the event SMT Processes Certification (Juarez, Mexico).
Posted Wednesday, July 8, 2020
David Seay, ProActive Process Solutions Group joined the group Chapters: Mexico - Juarez.
Posted Monday, July 6, 2020

Board Liaison
Ivan Roman
Coordinator of Certification Programs
Alejandro Valles
Coordinator of Educational Development
Ricardo Rangel
Coordinator of Innovation & Investigation
Jose Mireles Jr
Coordinator of Technical Programs
Victor H. Madero, SMTVYS LLC
Events Coordinator
Jose L. Rocillo
Eduardo Ortiz, USM Reps
Ivan A. Cordova
Specialization Courses Coordinator
Francisco J. Gallegos
Sub-Coordinator Certification
Moises Gonzalez
Sub-Coordinator Educational Development
Ivan Castellanos
Sub-Coordinator Educational Development
Jorge A. De la Rosa Cordova
Sub-Coordinator Educational Development
Maribel Gomez
Sub-Coordinator Educational Development
Gilberto Ortiz
Sub-Coordinator Educational Development
Francisco J. Velador
Sub-Coordinator of Sponsorship
Marco Alvarado, ROCKA Solutions
Sub-Coordinator of Sponsorship
William R. Felix Sr
Olga Martinez
Vice President
Ruben Ruiz
VP of Advertising
Adan Galindo
VP of Membership
Jaime Perez
VP of Technical Programs
Leopoldo A. Flores
Jorge A. Quijano