BlueRing Stencils


Corporate Supplier Member

140 Mount Holly Bypass
Unit 10
Lumberton, NJ 08048

Chapter: Philadelphia

Products / Services:
CAD/CAM Systems & Software
Repair/Rework Equipment
Screen Printing Equipment/Stencils
Other: A full service stencil supplier with 8 locations - NJ, MN, NC, FL, IN, TX, CA and NH. Laser cut stencils, electroformed stencils, laser rework stencils, as well as EZ-Step stepdown/relief stencils. Complete CAD, scanning and inspection services. Also a distributor for the cost effective Apshen quick mount frame system, the Space Saver system, and a licensed distributor for the NanoSlic Gold and Microshield nano coating.

Industries Served (End-Product):
Contract Mfg / EMS


SMTA Headquarters
6600 City West Parkway, Suite 300
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA

Phone 952.920.7682
Fax 952.926.1819