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Chapter: Long Island

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Other: Click to edit position descriptionREStronics is a national sales represenative organization built on the basic principle of integrity and value. In today's rapidly growing electronics assembly market these two items are crucial to a company's success.The REStronics sales engineers and support teams will do all within their power to provide manufactures with timely and accurate information about their customers and marketplace. As a manufacturers representative our only asset is our credibility with our customers and the manufacturers we represent. We are able to both provide valuable end-customer activity and mange distribution channel relationships. Our un-equaled CRM system differentiates our company from most other rep companies in this market. That tool enables us to provide activity reporting and pipeline sales data. Productivity is king. In the manufacturing environment there is a direct correlation between productivity and profitability. REStronics goal is to provide companies with ways to increase or optimize productivity from reviewing "payback" on capital investment for increased throughput to efficiencies in manual processes and reduction of field failures. REStronics sales engineers have the tools and experience to provide value. We are committed to providing manufacturers with honest and timely information so they may increase their profitability.

Industries Served (End-Product):
Computing Equip.
Contract Mfg / EMS
Semiconductors, IC's, Hybrid Circuits
Test & Reliability
Oil and Gas


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