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Other: AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) specializes in electronic interconnect and microelectronic packaging materials, offering molecularly flexible epoxy adhesives for die and substrate attach and bonding, adhesives and underfills for multi size die bonding, DAF and DDAF for stack-chip packaging and flip-chip bonding and underfilling and high temperature single and multi chip module die bonding over 230ºC. Our Wafer Processing Adhesive (WPA), only recently introduced to the market, is a temporary film format high temperature bonding adhesive for thin wafer processing of bonding device wafer to carrier wafer. Additionally, AIT offers a broad range of Thermal Interface Materials (TIM), including pads, greases and gels. Other products include conformal coatings for ultimate moisture and/or humidity protection as well as UV resistant but PVDF transparent coatings with or without corrosion retardants.

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