AGI Corporation

Corporate Supplier Member

177 Nick Fitcheard Road
Huntsville, AL 35806

Chapter: Huntsville

Products / Services:
Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders
Screen Printing Equipment/Stencils
Soldering Equipment/Solders/Fluxes
Test Equipment
Design Services
PCB Fabrication
Test Services
Other: AGI Corp is proud to be ITAR certified with locations in Huntsville, AL and Tampa, FL. We provide state of the art laser cut stencils using a new DEK Fiber Laser. AGI Corp is an internationally known supplier of Wave Solder Pallets and SMT Assembly Pallets from the simplest to the most complex. Ask about our Test Fixtures, Titanium Insert Pallet, Screen Printer Tooling, Wash Baskets, Feeder Carts, Tray Carts, Stencil Storage Carts as well as the many other types of fixtures AGI manufactures. We have the most aggressive design/machining techniques available.

Industries Served (End-Product):
Test & Reliability


SMTA Headquarters
6600 City West Parkway, Suite 300
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA

Phone 952.920.7682
Fax 952.926.1819