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Exhibition: Sep. 29 - 30, 2015  

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Call for Papers

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The SMTA International Technical Committee invites you to submit an abstract for the 2015 conference. Short course (1/2 day - 3.5 hours) proposals are also being solicited.

Materials must be original, unpublished and non-commercial in nature. Papers should describe significant results from experiments, emphasize new techniques, and contain technical, economic or appropriate test data.

There are many benefits to participating!

You will:
1. Make a contribution to our industry by sharing your work.
2. Network with industry colleagues and showcase your company's position in the industry as an author and speaker,
3. Receive a discount on your conference registration.
4. Be eligible for $1,000 cash awards for the 'Best of Conference', 'Best of Proceedings', and 'Best International' papers.
5. $500 award for the best student paper.

Abstracts Due: February 13, 2015
Acceptance: April 28, 2015 | Final Papers Due: July 13, 2015

Choose the Submit Abstract button below and fill out all information on the following form.
Emailed abstracts will not be accepted, they must be submitted online.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to obtain approval to both write and present your paper prior to submitting an abstract. When a paper is accepted by the Technical Committee, it is our expectation that you have budget approval for travel costs and conference registration which is required for speakers.

The Technical Committee is soliciting abstracts in the following categories:

Advanced Packaging/Components: 2.5/3D Packaging and Integration, BGA/CSP, Biomedical Packaging Bumping, Chip on Board, Copper Wire Bonding, Direct Chip Attach, Embedded and Miniature Passives, Failure Analysis, Fine Lead Pitch, Flip Chip, Hermetic Packaging, High Temperature Packaging, Lead Finishes, Leadless Packages (LGA/QFN/BTC), MEMS and Sensors, Package on Package (PoP), Photonics, Photovoltaics and Solar, Reliability, Through Silicon Vias (TSVs), Tin Whiskers, and Wafer Level Packaging (WLP)

Assembly: 01005 Component and Assembly, Adhesives, Alternate Alloys, BGA/CSP Assembly, Cleaning, Conformal Coating and Potting, Connector Technology, DFX/Design for Six Sigma, Dispensing, Equipment Selection, Facility Layout, Flux and Solder, Halogen and Halogen-Free, Head on Pillow Defect/Warpage Induced Solder Joint Defects, High Melting Point Solder, Land Pattern Design, Lead-Free Soldering/Reliability, Lean Manufacturing, Low Temperature Soldering, Low Volume/Prototype, Medical Electronics, Non-Wet Open Defects, Placement, Printing, Reflow Soldering, Rework and Repair of QFNs, RFID Assembly, Selective Soldering, Set Up Reduction, Solder Paste, Solder Voids, Supplier Engineering, Underfill/ Corner Glue/ Other Polymeric Reinforcements, Vapor Phase Reflow, Wave Soldering, and Yield Improvement.

Business/Supply Chain: Capacity Modeling, Conflict Minerals, Contract Manufacturing, Doing Business in Asia, Environmental Issues, Lean Manufacturing, Onshoring, Operations Management, Remaining Competitive, RoHS/REACH Compliance, Supplier Management, and Technology Roadmaps.

Emerging Technologies: Touch Screen Technologies, Printed Electronics Technology, Embedded Active Technology, Embedded Passive Technology, Nanotechnology, Materials, & Electronics, Reliability of Nanodevices, MEMS/RF/MOEMS, Sensors and Manufacturing, Microsystems Packaging / Modular Microsystems, Advanced Packaging, System in a Package, LED Technology/Assembly/Reliability, Solid State Lighting, Optoelectronics, Flexible Electronics, New Materials and Processes, Solar Technology, 0201/01005 Components/Assembly, Consumer Applications, Wireless Applications, Power or Thermal Management, and Thermal Interface Materials.

Harsh Environment Applications: Alternate Energy, Components and Reliability, Copper Corrosion, Lead-free Issues, Substrates and Finishes, Thermal Management, and Tin Whiskers.

PCB Technology: Black Pad and Surface Finish Defects, Creep Corrosion, Embedded Passive/Active Components, Halogen Free, HDI, High Power PCBs, Microvias (including filled/unfilled), Moisture Sensitivity, New Laminates, New Surface Finishes, Pad Cratering, Soldermask, Substrate Reliability, Substrate Solderability, and Surface Finish.

Process Control: Acoustic Imaging (C-SAM), AOI, CIM, In-Circuit Test, Process Modeling, Software, Solder Paste Inspection, Test Strategies, and 2D/3D X-Ray

Thanks and the SMTAI Technical Committee looks forward to hearing from you!

SMTAI Conference Chair, Rob Rowland, Axiom Electronics
SMTA VP Technical Programs, Raiyo Aspandiar, Ph.D., Intel Corporation
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SMTAI is a great place to network and catch up on a wide range of thought-provoking topics.

Susan Mucha
President, Powell-Mucha Consulting, Inc.

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